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Should I get cortisol checked?

Hi all,

I've been wondering for a while whether it would be worth considering getting my cortisol levels checked (the Medichecks Cortisol Saliva (4) test), and whether it might shed any additional light on why I might be feeling the way I do. I'd very much appreciate any thoughts about such a test.

I should also point out that I started to include T3 with Levothyroxine 2 weeks ago, so, if I do decide to get cortisol tested, might it be better to wait until I've given my body a chance to adapt to the new medication first?

Many thanks, as always.


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If you decide to do it, then do one that tests DHEA as well as cortisol - Regenerus or Genova Diagnostics, details on ThyroidUK's main website thyroiduk.org/tuk/testing/p...

Interpretation drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Adrenal...


Thanks for the tip and the links SeasideSusie.


Thank you :-)


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