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Should I get checked?

For the last few years I have suffered fom fatigue, depressions, sensitivity to cold whereas I used to be very warm, pins and needles but did not put the symptoms together. However, I have a low body temperature on waking (about 35.6C). Should I ask for a hormone function test? My biological mother had hypothyroidism, but I am not sure if it is genetic.

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NelehNoswen With those symptoms and the fact that your mother was hypothyroid, definitely​ ask for a full thyroid function test. Also, pins and needles could possibly be indicative of low B12, so while you're at it ask for vitamins and minerals to be tested too. Ask for




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

Vit D





Ask GP and the tests that SeasideSusie suggests. The appointment should be the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and if you were taking thyroid hormones you'd allow a 24 hour gap approx between last dose and test and take afterwards.


It would be a good idea to get a blood test, and ask for your B12, ferritin & folate and VitD to be checked too.


Thank you all. Having blood test Thursday morning. I asked about fasting but was told no need, but after reading the advice on this site, I will do without my early morning cuppa and breakfast, just water. Thank you for suggesting the different tests. I will check that it is a full thyroid function test and not just checking hormone levels.


Do be mindful that the lab may refuse to do both anti-bodies and the most important T3. Ask the nurse to add a written note on the test request form.

If all fails then you can have a finger prick testing kit sent to your home through Thyroid UK.


Seems crazy that labs dictate rather than doctors!

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Sadly that has been going on for years and one of the reasons Dr Peatfield retired from the NHS. He could not understand why the labs marked results * normal * - when he was sitting in front of the patient who looked far from normal. It's all about blood tests now - and of course money. Looking and listening to the patient has sadly disappeared in most cases .....


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