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I am new to this HELP

Hi forgot Ranges TSH 10.7 mU/L ( o.35 - 5 )

Free T4 14.2 pmoI/L (9 - 24 )

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Are you on any treatment ? We really need more information so we can help ....


Looks like more info on this post: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

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TSH of 10.7 alone screams HYPOTHYROID

Free T3

Thyroid antibodies




Vit d3

Must also be tested and you should be started on 50mcg of levothyroxine with retest and dose raised after 6 weeks and every 4 weeks thereafter until

TSH is 1.0 or below

Free t4 is at least 19

Free T3 is at least 5.0

And symptoms resolve

Arrange blood tests for very early morning

Fasting drink only water

Never never take the levo in 24 hrs before the blood draw

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Thanks will do


How do you take your medication ? Are you taking anything else ?


Breena already on medication 😊


Usual problem of more than 1 thread ...they need merging


Yes how can I merge them?



None of us can merge threads, I am afraid.

You can go to your original post ( healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... ) and add responses, or edit either your original post or any of your responses.

To edit anything you have written, click on the [ V ] at the bottom of the post or response, and choose [ Edit ].


Find a posting from Clutter ...and send her a message she should be able to sort it



There is no way of merging, splitting or otherwise changing the contents of threads.

We have the ability to post, to respond, to delete responses and to delete threads. All members can delete their own posts/responses. Administrators are also able to delete posts/responses from other members.

If we were able to merge threads, do you not think we might have done so?


Sorry i assumed you could merge them as other forums are able to do so


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