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Update on acacia

Spoke to one of our GPS re having branded levo system wouldn't let her so she was going to speak to the community pharmacist. We were both in agreement that if it puts even one person at risk then there will be others who are also with asthma and thyroid who are at risk . Still no response from teva but mercury pharma want to check they are clearly stating on their leaflets but still cannot provide that it was prooved safe to add.

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Worth pursuing. NHS needs to understand that some of us need a particular brand or formulation and giving us just any old sort won't do. It makes us very ill and costs the NHS more money in doctor visits.

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Thinking of contacting asthma uk as well as they may also be able to put forward a voice for change. Clearer labelling about source and active content would be helpful. To coin a hackneyed phrase more research is needed as not all generic levo is the same.


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