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Contacted companies re acacia addition

Well I rang Teva and mercury pharma (now part of Concordia)

I would suggest filling in the yellow cards you may get a better response.

Teva unmanned adverse reaction helpline that directed you to ansaphone. Shows how interested they are.

Mercury pharma call centre will get medical centre to ring you. Can you not put me through or give me the number. No. Even when I stated that there was no warning label on the boxes and that it caused a severe reaction. i.e. I could have been hospitalized or died same answer.

It seems things are being added without research that is sufficient. If a few asthmatics die it will be put down as their condition not the product.

Sorry but I was fine with my asthma until I took the Teva and had my first severe attack for years. If asthma uk send a warning it's known about.

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Yellow card link - yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/



May I suggest you make contact directly with MHRA?

Contact MHRA

General enquiries

151 Buckingham Palace Road



Email info@mhra.gov.uk

Telephone 020 3080 6000

Fax 020 3118 9803

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


You could ask/suggest/demand that Acacia ingredients be speciifcally highlighted on all medicines - not just these two. And explain in detail why it is important.


I have completed a yellow card and my GPS practice is also alerting the community pharmacist as they currently can't specify a brand at all. It's hoped that this will lead to better clarification and if possible withdrawal of this formulation due to risk.

I've not come across it in other meds as yet but will be in touch with the organization as suggested as you never know. Like many people I always thought the filler ingredients came under the same stringent rules but they I've been informed apparently don't as they are generally foodstuffs

I think levo should also indicate the active ingredient as in average absorption rates so there is more standardization. There was a backlash in the epileptic community over generic drugs due to poor standards as individuals were losing control of their seizures due to varying brands. The neurologists simply stopped prescribing generic brands. Same with generic inhalers for asthma some worked some didn't.

Simply needs to be more spot checking for generic versions to work and proper bench marking.

Thanks for the info admin.



This is a search on the Electronic Medicines Compendium site for all medicines that contain "acacia" in the documentation:


Not clear what you mean by "I think levo should also indicate the active ingredient as in average absorption rates so there is more standardization." Levothyroxine products all declare both the active and inactive ingredients. Absorption rates vary partly because we vary. Dissolution rates, as in the laboratory tests, could be added but I can't see any ordinary doctor caring about them. The attitude is always that levothyroxine doesn't need to be delivered in any particular way/speed.


Thanks I've been on a few of those in the past and my asthma did go off now I know why.


It is quite beyond me why they would use acacia. Isn't that the same species as eucalyptus trees? Maybe they tested the new formula on Koala bears!!!! I am quite certain it is the acacia I cannot tolerate, plays hell with my guts, like having an ulcer. Only will have Almus levo and cut up 50mcg tabs for smaller doses.

You really would think that any change in formula should be flagged up on the packaging. I can only think it's a new way of getting rid of folks.



I don't think there has been a change - Mercury Pharma and Goldshield before used acacia, As do AbbVie with Synthroid (and licensed Synthroid manufacture by Mylan).

Eucalyptus oil and honey are used in many products which we either consume or come into close contact with. As are many other acacia products.

This is not to argue that any company should include substances in medicines which are known to cause issues (except where unavoidable and clearly identified).

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Thanks for the clarification. keep up the good work and have a good Christmas

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Teva have flagged its a new formula but you have to use a big magnifying glass to read the change . It doesn't say now contains.


Mercury pharmacy did phone I asked them why it took so long over 5hrs. They are going to contact there development people . I said why us it in there anyway. This one couldn't tell me if any research had been done on acacia powder. So I pointed out that as they used lactose and maize starch it wasn't replacement for lactose(argument I could see for diabetes) but as well as. If it was to save money then it would make sense to remove it as now this is out there they can't say a death is purely due to asthma. Families will ask questions and court cases could ensue. Notice got taken when I mentioned in America if it was your brand that had made got to hospital I'd be sueing so I would like to see the research on adding this ingredient.

Teva haven't bothered replying ...


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