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Benzos for sleep okay for hypo?

Hi everybody,

So I've been having sleeping problems for a while know (I know this isn't uncommon, but I also know that those of you who have experienced it know that this can be a living hell!) Culminating in 2 sleepless nights in a row on new years eve & the night after (the first one was admittedly my fault, too much partying...)

Anyway, after my near-orgasmic 8-hour straight slumber last night, I've decided that I would like this to not happen again, so I've been toying with the idea of getting myself some benzos, I'm thinking most likely Klonopin or Xanax.

I understand the risks of addiction when it comes to benzos, which is why they will only ever be a last resort, say when I'm in work the next day and don't fancy drooling and murmuring at customers (maximum of twice a week, at the lowest dose that I see results from)

My question is, do benzos have any known synergies with hypothyroidism? I've googled it in the past, and I've come across some saying it's fine and a huge help in their life, whilst others say they slow thyroid function further? Any anecdotal experiences? Thanks

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What are your most recent blood test results for thyroid? Are you still only on 75mcg Levo?

Suggest you get your vitamin levels retested first

Low vitamin D and low B vitamins are linked to low sleep and extremely common when hypo


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Apparently (I wish I could remember where I read the study) a sleep study shows that benzos don't really help with sleep - you just forget that you were awake or even that you got up in the night. Patients on benzos got to sleep on average 5 mins earlier and got up 15 mins later but woke up just as many times in the night as without benzos - scary! They are additive, but not as bad as SSRIs, so if you can avoid, I would do so.

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Sorry guys, I completely forgot I made this post :'D I have decided against it for now

SlowDragon I'm only on 50, which has only just been moved up from 25 which was making me feel terrible - I've had these tested in the past and started supplementing, but have since stopped and that was a few months ago now so probably wise to check, when I get the money I'm gonna go for the full thyroid bloods from medichecks

Angel_of_the_North interesting! And also quite concerning :') will have a look for this study


Ask GP for blood test for coeliac plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

You are likely very under medicated


Definitely under medicated, but I've only recently started treatment so unfortunately have to play a waiting game


Get vitamins optimal as it will enable you to tolerate increases in Levo

If you have Hashimoto's?

get coeliac blood test first

Then seriously consider changing to strictly gluten free diet


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