Sleep issues

Hi there, I've been experiencing the dreaded adrenal issues lately since a car accident last week but finally managing the buzz at night by taking high doses of vit c throughout the day so getting off to sleep much quicker, but now I'm waking up at 5.30 wide awake, a bit buzzy so cannot go back to sleep :( was thinking of maybe taking my 100mcg of levo at night time it would it be worth splitting 50mcg at night and another 50mcg in the morning? Anyone had experience with this?

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Levothyroxine is a storage hormone which takes 7-8 days to metabolise after taking it. There is no advantage splitting it into 2 doses.

Ok, nothing like NDT then. Good to know. Wondering if just taking it before sleep will help then...


Research shows that TSH may be slightly lower when Levothyroxine is taken at night. Why not try it? If it doesn't suit you can switch back to taking it in the morning.

Yes I may trial it. If I've already taken it this morning, is it ok to take it again tonight?


Yeah, it'll be fine.

Have you tried magnesium?

Taking before bed can often make people feel sleepy

I use calm vitality magnesium powder - widely available.

Start low & slow .....can cause loose bowels

But this seems to be temporary, (for me at least!)

Yup been using mg powder for a long time now...helps me get off to sleep but not stay asleep

Are you gluten free?

What's your vitamin d level like?

Yes I've been gf for a while now, probably some minor slip ups though along the way. Vitamin d is good, Around 80 a few months ago and I've been out in lots of sunshine since. Is tingly/fluttery sensations in feet/hands b12?

Just make sure your stomach is empty (2-3hrs after eating) before taking it. I used to take it at bedtime but I get hungry at night and often like to have a snack before bed so I went back to taking it in the morning.

Yes I am he same as you, can snack in the evenings (which I want to change) so will be mindful...2 hrs sufficient?

So I've been told. I never used to have a problem w two hours.

I read somewhere (can't remember where) that some researchers have suggested that taking Levo at bedtime (or middle of night) may work better as cortisol levels are lower in evenings.

It has been suggested that high cortisol may impede conversion of T4 to T3, or if very high may possibly even cause conversion to reverse T3.

Ah ok so what if you have high cortisol at night? I did a saliva test and I am very high at night, hence sleeping issues.

I found propranolol was good at enabling my adrenal recovery. It transformed me from bed bound and almost totally immobile, just on Levo. (See profile)

It blocks affects of adrenalin, and can perhaps allow adrenal recovery - perhaps also stops or reduces conversion of T4 to reverse T3? but also does slow conversion t4 to T3.

Going gluten free for me, seems to have significantly reduced adrenal issues, now finally (after 17 years) been able to stop propranolol

Though my vitamin D supplements do make adrenals ache. But sticking with it so far.

Hmm ok so first night I experienced head spins and faster heartbeat but that really could've been adrenals. Woke up early needing a wee but managed to get back to sleep for once. Definitely don't feel refreshed or different from before but will continue to give it a chance.

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