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Hi, I am new here and have had hashimoto now for nearly ten years.

I am unusual as I am very thin and have difficulty gaining weight? Also I have confused blood tests: my TSH is normal at 2.78 (I take Erfa thyroid - 60mg) but my FT3 is high at 9.5. My Dr. doesn't have a clue and I still feel unwell. Has anyone experienced the same probs. or can offer advice? Many thanks.

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Did you take NDT before your blood draw?

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Good point.


Hi. It's helpful if you can add the lab ranges to results. You say FT3 is high but we don't know how high unless we see lab range. What about FT4? You need all 3 readings to help assess what's happening as well as thyroid antibodies and any vitamin test results. Are you taking any other medication or supplements? If you provide a fuller picture it would help.


Sorry I meant my FT4 was not in normal range at 9.5. FT3 is 5.7. All other tests came out normal apart from Nucleated red blood cells at 0.02. I take vitamin supplements occasionally


We still need the lab ranges to help you interpret results. Lab ranges are the figures in brackets after the results.


FT4 9.5 (lab range: 10.3 to 22.7). Nucleated blood cells 0.02 (lab range: 0.00 to 0.01)

Many thanks


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