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Thinking I may have a thyroid issue newbie


Hi all, I hate to self diagnose myself but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong and am getting blood tests for thyroid done soon but wanted others opinions. I'm a 19 year old female and I've been having the following symptoms since I hit puberty. At around age 13 I had a very strange undiagnoasble illness for around 6 months which my godmother (who has a thyroid condition) related to her illness. I thought I'd look up the symptoms and I seem to fit every single category.

I have these symptoms:


-low energy/mood

-very sensitive to the cold

-unexplained weight gain (I eat a very healthy diet no junk food and mainly fruit and veg and excersize a normal amount and am very active however I seem to still gain weight and have been since hitting puberty)

- brittle hair and nails

-very achey muscles without any strain to them

- swollen looking cheeks

-tired constantly

I don't know if this seems like a thyroid problem but I would love to hear others thoughts or symptoms you have to compare it, I just want to feel upbeat and well and would be relieved to find a treatment :)

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Hi Clebz and welcome :) This sounds very similar to my history and symptoms, and age of onset, and they are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. What thyroid tests are you having done? You need to get more than just TSH, which is the standard one available on the NHS. You need a full thyroid profile which includes T3 and reverse T3, and the two types of thyroid antibodies. It would also be helpful to have your Vit B12, folate, ferritin and Vit D levels checked, which you should be able to get done via your GP. They are all implicated in thyroid function. I'm 50 now and only just finding out properly about the thyroid connection! Good luck and let us know how you get on :)

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Thankyou so much! I'll make sure to push for other tests , I'll update it!

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You may find it difficult to get the full tests via your GP, as they tend to only recognise the need for a TSH test, but this doesn't give the full picture. Worth asking though. If you have no joy, it's possible to get the tests done privately, although at a cost. Here is the one I had done They often have special offers come up on price so worth subscribing to their email updates!

Does anyone know what to do next if have ALL hypo symptoms bloodwork are completely normal including antibioties? Have had every imaginable thyroid bloodwork done. 21 years old, weight gain no reason, depression, anxiety, hair loss, irregular periods, exhausted the list goes on and on. Also all vitamins are now at optimal levels after a year of taking Deplin, iron, vit D & vit B. Also I do not have hashimoto......or pernicious anemia,

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Hi, you'll get more replies if you post this again in a new post hun. Post it with any test results you have so people can give you specific feedback.

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