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Allergic to paracetamol and aspirin

I think I may be allergic to both paracetamol and aspirin, as after I take either product I develop a red rash at the sides of my neck, chest and stomach, as well as a round red patch on my inner arms at the elbow. Does anyone else experience a similar allergy, and if so, are there any medications for colds, flu etc. that they can take? I live in the UK. Thanks.

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You should discuss it with your pharmacist. If you're hunting through remedies at home see whether you have something which has neither aspirin or paracetamol in it.


Hi - Ibuprofen might help or dihydrocodeine. If it is for muscular pain you have to be careful if I is an NSAID there is no aspirin in the formulation. As over the counter dihydrocodeine is expensive you might ask your doctor for a prescription.

If you ask the receptionist at the doctor's they might ask the doctor to raise a prescription for you. Our chemist will phone the surgery from the shop and ask on your behalf if there is a query.


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