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Glucose tolerance test results???

Hi does anyone know how to interpret a glucose tolerance test because it’s really confusing me!

I had a 4hour OGTT, this was done purely because my blood sugars kept dropping, my hba1c has been tested repeatedly over the last 12 months and never been above 36

My results for the OGTT are

9.30 0 mins 4.0 mmol/L (fasted sample)

10.00 30 mins 10.7

10.30. 60 mins. 14.6

11.00. 90 mins. 12.00

11.30 120 mins 14.1

12.00. 150 mins. 9.6

12.30 180 mins. 7.0

13.00. 210 mins. 5.6

13.30. 240 mins. 4.9

When I’ve looked on the diabetes uk site the fasting results is well within normal but the other results scream diabetes

I’m also confused as to why it went back up again at 2hours! In fact I’m just confused

Has anyone any ideas please???

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. It might be better to ask your questions on one of the diabetes fora. Click on My Communities > +Browse Communities and type 'Diabetes' into the title/search bar.


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