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Taking forever to see new primary care physician

I hated my former primary care physician but I can't get to see new doctor until Jan 18. I had to make this appt in Oct. I quit taking levo early October since it was causing me severe joint pain to the point where I could barely walk. I felt better almost immediately & still do except my hair has become UGLY practically OVERNIGHT! I am freaking out! I was loving my hair just a few short weeks ago I gave it a trim & now it's all dry & stringy & i want to cry. I also started taking half doses of levo again because I think my neck is starting G to look like I have a goiter. Is this possible? I don't know if I can wait another month!

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If you were prescribed levothyroxine due to being hypothyroid you shouldn't stop taking it as you will become ill.

If you have severe joint pain you need to have your thyroid levels tested and vitamin tests too as we can be deficient in these when with thyroid conditions.

Please try to get an earlier appointment with a GP. Ring reception and tell them you are hypothyroid and feeling very unwell and need to see a doctor sooner than Jan 18th. Waiting 4 months does seem very unreasonable.

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I think this link may sum up your situation..

T4-only meds will only work for you if they're being successfully converted to T3 in the body.. T4 is just a storage hormone that will replace the T4 your thyroid is struggling to produce due to antibody damage. What you're describing is possibly hormone resistance in the tissues giving symptoms of fibromyalgia and cfs. Excess T4 that isn't properly converted can give worsening symptoms due to raised reverse t3 levels. Private labs can check this out for you.

The severity of goiter can resolve by reducing antibodies. Gut health is vital as many pointed out in your previous post to reducing these antibodies. Please get those checked out as well as vitamin d and iron. If vitamin d and iron are low it's a little bit fanciful to expect the Levo to work that well, because both are required to aid conversion. Also check out b12 levels as this is often very low in those of us who are hypo. Please post the results and someone will gladly help you interpret them! :-)

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Another link that could be useful to you and is in more depth ...


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