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Blood sample testing


I sent my bloods off to Medichecks for my thyroid testing on Thursday (sent them from the post office around 1:30) and they have just received them now - just a bit concerned they may not be able to test if the sample is too old. Has anyone experienced this before and it was fine?

I think I'm panicking a bit as I am desperate for the results! The GP was supposed to be ringing me this afternoon so I could feed them back to him.

Thanks for your help,


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Did you not send it Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm?

Not a good idea to send through normal post on a Thursday as there's no guarantee first class will get there next day, even less chance during the Christmas period.

It will probably still be viable, but if you are worried give them a ring.


No - I never thought about the Christmas post I don't normally have a problem :(

When I spoke to the customer advisor she did say I would have my results by Wednesday at the latest, was just wanting to know if it had happened to anyone else and if the results would still be viable.

Lesson well and truly learnt!

Thanks for the reply!

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