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Blood testing

My friend has just got back from endo (many endocrine problems) who told her they are not doing fasting bloods for thyroid and that all hypothyroid patients have Hashis.

Wondered if this was trend because the practice nurse i saw recently was going to do my bloods and i asked to go get them done after fasting and she said there was no need but i insisted and went to the path lab at hospital which was extremely busy with others who required fasting bloods.

I need to get others done via private route (that she didnt ask for) before i post any results and ask those with knowledge to help.

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What twat these doctors talk

The only way to get accurate thyroid test results is


Very early morning

Never ever take thyroid meds in previous 24 hours

And by no means all hypothyroid patients have Hashimotos

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All hypo patients do not have Hashi's, I'm one of them.

It's a patient to patient tip to have thyroid tests done fasting although a very few doctors do suggest it. TSH lowers after eating, and throughout the day, so a fasting, early morning test, will give the highest possible TSH if this is needed when looking for an increase in dose of Levo or to avoid a reduction.

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Thanks both due to great advice on here I am aware but just shows what rubbish is being said by health professionals!


Indeed! I avoid when possible, particularly when it's to do with my thyroid. I haven't had a thyroid test with the surgery for almost 4 years, when reminded I tend to 'forget' to make the appointment or cancel them, and I do my own testing. So far I'm still getting my prescription prescription for Levo :)


Lucky you! I have been summoned for an annual review. Last time the practice nurse approached me with a hypodermic to do bloods there and then. I said NOOOOO it should be done fasting. She didn't agree but I wasn't going to roll up my sleeve. She had to give me a form so I could go to my local Sainsbury pharmacy! They open at 7.30 and the bloods go straight to local hospital and q's are much shorter than at hospital.

I object to having to " give an armful of blood" as per Tony Hancock for a useless TSH test, cos that's all they will do. The TSH result is always in line with Medichecks tests that I get done requiring only a few drops!!


Why do you need to tell then that you are fasting, just insist on an early am appt - that is even more important than the fasting. Endo sounds like a prat.


One reason I prefer doing fasting blood tests is so that they are comparable with my previous tests.


Yes I usually say I fast to be comparable with other tests or don't tell them or if asked tell them you never eat breakfast. I'm one of the 10% by the way that doesn't have antibodies! We do exist!!!!!


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