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Magnesium and selenium

Could anyone tell me the best way of using Mag and Sel. I struggle taking tablets and the drs best magnesium are said to big big tablets. I would like to supp both, and have trawled the net. Is the mag oil good enough. Not sure which selenium. Also would prefer to use one place for everything I need, but thus far it’s not been possible. Spending hours trying to sort all this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, best way to get magnesium is through topical applications, it is not well absorbed in the gut. You can buy "magnesium oil" but it is MUCH cheaper to make your own from magnesium chloride flakes (I get the Zechstein sort on Ebay by the 1/2kg). Get a sturdy glass bottle (I use an old cough med bottle), fill it with the flakes, add boiled water 2/3rd of the way up and stand it in a small pan of hot water on a gentle heat. You need to give it time to dissolve, shake vigorously. When dissolved, add more flakes to get a strong solution.

Putting it in spray bottles is not a good idea as in cold weather the crystals re-form and block the spray. I just apply a few drops onto my arthritic joints, usually at bedtime - it aids sleep, as well as keeping you cheerful (Mg is called the Happy Mineral).

It may sting a little if you are deficient. If it stings a lot its because you have broken skin - even a small scratch will hurt, just wash it off. The flakes can also be added to baths and make a great foot soak. Some people even use a tiny amount to swish round their mouth; bit hardcore to start with, first time I did it it was like an electric shock. Then I really got a craving for it and now do it regularly to strengthen teeth.

As for selenium: there is lots of dietary source advice online. I take a little in pill form daily - be careful not to take too much, easily done.

Hope this helps :)



I couldn't stand the magnesium oil on my skin, just didn't like the feel. Tried magnesium gel, better but still didn't like it. I use Magnesium Citrate powder in a small drink with orange juice

For selenium, I use a nice small tablet that has no odour (a lot of selenium supplements have an unpleasant odour) by Cytoplan

Frequently on 3 for 2 when I stock up.



I also have problems with swallowing tablets, stuck in throat, dissolving slowly and causing burning etc., so I always go for water soluble powders or liquid drops wherever possible. I have severe constipation so I use viridian magnesium citrate powder which I dissolve in fruit juice (peach and mango drench to be precise), because I'm not keen on the taste in water. I take the selenium in the form of Biocare liquid selenium drops ~ one drop taken twice a day in water/juice with food or directly under the tongue. I buy my supps from my local Revital store, as it's nearby, so don't know an awful lot about buying on net. I await replies to your query regarding the magnesium oil as I'm about to try that also ~ I have found the Better You sprays of VitD and B12 excellent ~ life savers for me (very poor absorption and SIBO) ~ I wish everything could be liquidised! I'm sure other members will have lots of suggestions.

Best wishes Mamapea x

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Thanks everyone! 😀


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