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THANK GOODNESS just received by blue horizon test kit

My Blue Horizon test kit has just come today hooray will be doing it at 7.00am tomorrow Thursday no ..... vitamins or suppliment' s taken today... and my last NP Thyroid 1 grain was taken at 4.00pm today so I will not take anymore until after my test is complete. As soon as I get my results I will post them on the forum ... thank goodness I will find out WHY ???? I am feeling so poorly and have been for the last 2 years ...

Love to all


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Make sure that you return it to Blue Horizon by using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm, cost £6.45 unless you ordered the Special Delivery return envelope when you ordered. Hand it over the Post Office counter and get a receipt which will show your tracking number. I usually take mine in around 2pm and it is collected by the post van around 4.30pm.

You need to do this because if it is delayed with ordinary first class post and doesn't arrive on Friday (which it probably wont due to the Christmas mail) then the sample might not be viable when it does eventually arrive next week.

I have even had the Special Delivery take 48 hours, but if it doesn't arrive by 1pm next day you can claim a refund (which I have done twice) as long as you have the receipt with tracking number.

You will be able to use Royal Mail Track and Trace to see when your sample arrives at the lab by using the tracking number printed on the receipt.


Thank you so much Susie I will do the first so I know it will get there quickly.

wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas x


Personally I would wait and do it on Monday. If it arrives late Friday it may not get processed


Yes maybe your right slowdragon

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