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When to go back for bloods & thanks again Clutter & Seaside Susie

Well have started B12 loading doses Thanks so much for the link Clutter and Seaside Susie. I feel stronger inside myself and less ill and fragile but energy still on floor. So I am having the loading B12 injections followed by injections every three months then supplements to keep levels up. I have already raised my folate. I have doubled my iron doses and forcing self to try the dreaded liver again. I have also increased my Vit D as advised. Question is when do I need to go back to doc to see if I have achieved the blood results to enable to take T3? Was thinking about half way through January? Also have been referred to endro but no idea when this is to be. Thanks in advance Maggi

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For thyroid tests, it's recommended to retest 6-8 weeks after any dose change.


Thank you


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