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Adrenal advice please to ease panic moments and sex hormones


After reading Dr Peatfield into the early hours I do need to sort out adrenals for sure, he says don't dabble with thyroid meds until adrenals sorted and makes sense to me, so I'm going with this, I've done gut and vitamins to date so chuffed about that

Just to say I had a lot of life big stuff ( in meno) and swing hypo to hyper a while, and then a constant dripfeed of worry, stress, so grateful my adrenals are okish but peaking too high mid morning and bedtime,,,,,,,,

I get panic moments out of the blue, it's so weird, it's not a panick attack as such as I ignore it, but it is debilitating to say the least and awaken in blind panic in the night sometimes and morning, ask the cat :)

So if anyone can help please with a suitable adrenal support for the peaking cortisol and panic symptom, I'd be truely grateful!!! I've read about glandulars I haven't seen anything about my set of symptoms ( I had saliva test in July x4)

Also, re progesterone and ostregen is there a test you recommend to help here, I'm sure they still play a part as hormones don't all disappear, I asked the doctor if she thought hrt would benefit but she thought I was bonkers as said I had come out of the other side, I wish xx

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An alternative view held by Dr. Skinner (deceased) was that treating the low thyroid hormone would sort out the adrenals. You are already taking thyroid replacement. I don't think it's a good idea to stop taking Levothyroxine if that's what you are considering.

See link for female sex hormone tests medichecks.com/hormones

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Hi clutter

I am confused as to who to believe. A third and fourth opinion will be valuable I think

Please can you help me here- my t4 is 18 and top of the range is 22 ( this has increased on Levo

If therefore I continue in this way the t4 will go over the range,can this be ok?

I’ve only been on 50 a relatively short time btw

I’ve watched videos on the endocrine system and it does start with adrenals

Therefore I’m veering towards Dr Peats, it makes sense to me that the knock on affect from adrenals to hypocampus pituitary will arrive at the thyroid, also the adrenals need protecting as much as possible

Also please do you know if you can take both levo and adrenal support. Even for a short time whilst on 50levo (before upping dose)

Is this ok or too much for system to cope with do you, or any other experienced know please.?

I’m so at end of tether right now I e had two days off work, I ha e no push left in me at the moment ( got itchy rash and it may be the levo, I didn’t take the antihistamine an hour before , only because I feel this doesn’t prove its levo , as the levo is in system for days anyway, and it may have helped the itching regardlessof what caused it,

the rash first came out when I reduced last week over the days I gave blood




There's no reason why FT4 should go over range from 18 if you continue on 50mcg. If you don't continue on 50mcg FT4 will drop.

Yes, you can take adrenal support and Levothyroxine but take them 2 hours apart. Are you certain adrenal support is required when 2 out of 4 cortisol results are high?

I don't understand why you haven't tried antihistamine before Levothyroxine. If it relieves the itching that's a good thing surely, whether or not it proves that Levothyroxine is causing it.


O yes, if it helps relieve itching fab anyway, I was just meaning it didn't really indicate if it was the levo causing it, or not, I'm taking it in a min good suggestion, the doctor didn't know, she Esther said I'd caused it by scratching ..... ?

I am looking into understanding the adrenals, but it's not norm surely to go very high at night when at rest? , or at 11am. It was over range not just gone up, and the report came back that it showed stress levels too high but was good news not the Cushing

Why? don't you think it matters? For me, I'm living with Irational fleeting panic, for no apparent reason, and for example, when something happens e.g. A car swerves and just misses your car, i don't react, I really don't, when I say that, of course I swerve away, but internally I don't react, the flight and flight is gone,

I mislaid my purse for days, I was a daydream just saying it will turn up!! (All cards in it etc) my sister couldn't believe my lack of worry and reaction. These are examples that I don't react so I do feel the adrenals don't pump out the adrenalin appropriately, then I worry irrationally sometimes or more often these days

As I write that, I'm wondering what is cortisol - is it the adrenalin measurement, il have to read it up

I can't stay on 50, as my tsh will,still be 3 or 4 - I was under impression I have to get it down to a one to feel well, when medicated ???

So I will have to increase every six weeks like most do, to see if the tsh goes to one and feel well

And this is why I imagine the t4 will escalate with all the extra levo I take, if I'm 18 now? Is this a reasonable question, What happens to it if it's over the top of range ?

Please can you tell me this also, do Thyroid uk prefer you to be in the top third of range only when you are medicated, or do they want this also when unmedicated?

And lastly, a friend has lower t4 and ft3 than I do, but her tsh is 2.8 whereas mine is 4.2

I am on levo she is not, how would this be evaluated - is her t4 and t3 too low f it in higher third?

Sorry if it's all boring, but really helpful to have basics Jx


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