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Another update on my Double vision suspected MG?

Well here I am back on after being referred on to neurologist who i saw this week.after spending 18months under hospital optomology where I feel I've wasted so much time my double vision is at its worst with the puffy lids and can't open eyelids only in the mornings after sleep. Neurologist thinks it's not MG. Although she said the test saying negative doesn't mean you havent she is having a Mr I brain scan done so I await that. Plus I have now asked my gp for a referral to Moorfields which I have in January. The optomology consultant I have been under offered me Botox which I Refused And I was right! the neurologist said she wouldn't advise that at all since 2015 I've been stuck with double vision 24.7 so hopefully a diagnosis soon

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Has no-one mentioned Thyroid Eye Disease?



Hi Shaws I have mentioned to my Endo from the very beginning is this thyroid eye problems he said no . And so many times to optomology on my appointments they said no but all that's happened is double vision got worse where days I don't cope too good and days where I can cope better but all the other symptoms like red puffy lids and lid problems started good few months ago I kept telling them right from the off are you sure this isn't TED or anything to do with thyroid I just wish I'd gone Moorfields in the beginning I'd have trusted them more never mind I await outcome of brain scan and Moorfields app


I am sure Moorfields will have an answer. Double vision must be awful and frightening at the same time. Let us know how you get on at Moorfields.

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Seems like all the gps say that and send us to all kinds of tests but the common thing seems to be we are all on thyroid meds and although thyroid medication helps with some of the symptoms they create others that for us are just as severe but to the medical profession less of a threat to our life. I just don't understand why they refuse to except that the meds affect our vision.


swelling is part of the disease, oedema. Are you on the right meds to reduce these symptoms.


I had double vision before I started on meds but it first started long distance blurred vision then the double started but over the last 2 years it's progressed to short distance double vision as well it fluctuates a lot but double vision is always there... some days bearable some days not but being under optomology for 18months I've got nowhere.... hopefully either neurology or Moorfields will diagnose what this is


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