Help with folate and B12supplements please

Hi just had my latest results through active B12 is over range at 219.4 (25.10-165.00) folate is 18.13 (2.91-50.00) I am supplementing with Thorne basic b complex but medichecks doctor is suggesting I stop supplementing however I would like my folate levels to at least be maintained if not increased. My ferritin levels are in the top end and my Vit D is currently 79 up from 54 as I'm taking 4000iu of Vit D daily. I hadn't taken any supplements for 2 days when I took the blood. Many thanks

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Not sure how long you need to avoid B12 before the Active B12 Test. Did they give you any advice ? The B12 in the supplement could well have skewed the result. You could take Folate/Folic Acid on its own - but it is always good to take a B Complex - it keeps all the B's in balance

You still have a way to go with the VitD to reach 100. Ferritin - do you have the result with range ?

Ferritin is 107 (13.00-150.00) it was 170 in June I've never supplemented but was eating mountains of greens. Medichecks doc advised decreasing supplements or that if I'm.not supplementing to check my full blood count and liver function? Maybe I,LL leave a few more days off the Thorne b complex before my next blood draw to see if that makes a difference?


Ferritin is excellent.

Plenty of leafy green veg is good for raising folate.

How much B12 is in the Thorne complex? B12 is usually high when supplementing and it is not usually a problem. It is when B12 is high without supplementing that there may be health issues and further investigation required.


How much B12 is in the Thorne complex?

Are you supplementing iron?

No clutter never supplemented iron. There is 400mcg of B12 in Thorne b complex according to bottle which is apparently 133% DV?

thing you may have picked up value for folate B9, not B12. 400 mcg is around 100x DV for B12

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