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Peripheral Neuropathy and Hashis?

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Hi all

I’m just wondering if anyone else experiences sharp stabby pains in feet and toes especially evening and night? Ive been noticing these more and more over the past few months. I’m worried it might be a sign of peripheral neuropathy. I’m probably going to have to see the GP about it but keep hoping it’ll go away before that, because I like to avoid GPs whenever possible. Ive had general foot/ankle/leg pain for over a year which goes away and then occasionally returns, but these sharp pains are different. They come when I’m resting and feel like wasp stings, or needles being pushed into toes, or sometimes like throbbing little drills. It’s like little tiny demonic foot workmen get going from about 7pm onwards.

Thank you

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Oh and cramp like pains in toes too… lying here with insomnia trying to articulate my toe pains…surely life should offer more than this 🙄

I'm sure there could be many reasons for the pain you're describing. I just wanted to mention that low vitamin B6 could be one possible cause of your problem. Or if you've been supplementing high dose vitamin B6 then that can cause similar problems too.

Deficiency :

Toxicity :

Thank you - I don’t supplement B vitamins at all. My ‘natural’ B12 came back over range at last check (awhile ago) so I just swerved B supplements. Thank you I’ll look into this.

My B12 is also high & I haven’t taken a B Complex for over 6 months. I’m considering supplementing folate only as my level has dropped. I’ve had pain to one foot & have a Morton’s Neroma in 3rd & 4th toe, picked up by physio & ultrasound. I’ve found taking daily turmeric & black pepper helpful in improving symptoms.

Hi, could be you aren't using it well then. Have a read around the folate cycle and methylation ( lots online, some of it rubbish so be wary, but this seems to give you a basic idea Changing to a methyfolate (small amounts only are required - I use about 500mcg daily- start very small and build only if it seems to suit you) made a huge difference to me. I have small fibre neuropathy as well as peripheral. And check blood sugar if possible, as even minor imbalances can cause or worsen neuropathy. Good luck

Yup - my feet drive me nuts . Have told GP - ‘Shrugged’ - not interest

Told Endo at last consult ‘could be anything’

Interested to know what your gp says …

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oscarbravo in reply to Fancymare

Err is it a cold or Flu??? Err Err Err Err? No idea you present Difficult Symptoms here take some anti depressants! Next Please.

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Fancymare in reply to oscarbravo

Obviously in the GP Handbook ……😂

If I get that far… oh going to the GP makes me feel 😖 but I will report back if I do. ‘Could be anything’ isn’t very helpful is it?

I think it was slightly more polite than a shrug of the shoulders.My chiropodist used a giant tuning fork to see if I had lost feeling - and I could feel no vibration from it at all in my feet - but I could feel the touch of the metal on my skin.

It’s amongst the list of symptoms I emailed to go with my notes .

This really started a year ago but in the past I have had really painful burning soles from time to time which was agony .

I’m waiting to hear from Endo this week : I am now under medicated and need an increase - so hoping to discuss that .

Good luck with GP : mine is uncontactable - I rang our local CCG on Friday to ask them to look into what is happening at that particular practice ………ie, are they having phone and IT problems ……..said they would call me back . Ho ho ho

Join the club! mine so often feel like being attacked by a pack of wolves biting my feet.

Been a long story! Won't post on here about it as your post isn't locked to community.

Is it not? I thought it was. 🤷‍♀️

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Josephineinamachine


When you compose your opening post in a thread, before you click POST if you scroll down you will see the following, click on Only community members below "Who can see my post" and that locks it to just this community, if you don't do that anyone can read the post without being a member of this forum

Lock to community only

I have mentioned this four times to different Drs and the last one did actually touch my foot and ask if I could feel it. When I said yes - next please!! Now pains are creeping up my shins. Have tried B12 etc but no improvement xx

Hi there. I suffer from hypothyroidism and also inflammatory arthritis. I get these pains from tome to time at the junction of my toes, particularly in bed at night. My rheumatologist suggested it was Morton’s neuroma. Mine are bad for a few nights and then ease off. Not sure what you can do about it. My husband suffers from peripheral neuropathy but says that is quite different. He complains of numbness in feet and up his shins, making walking an unpleasant activity. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can tell us what we are experiencing?

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Miffie in reply to Annib1

If you have Morton’s neuroma you need at least a guided injection to try to shrink it. If it’s really grown you may be sent straight to surgery. You need to be on the case. My GP left me until I went private when I was injected within a week, that failed so I needed surgery. A few years later it had grown again and I had more radical surgery about 12 years ago. Mercifully no relapse of Morton’s. You need to push for a treatment plan. No rheumatologist should diagnose and then leave it. You need a second opinion if no treatment is planned.

I get these too, exactly as you are describing, very sharp and stabbing and mainly in toes and feet but sometimes ankles and very occasionally somewhere else seemingly at random. If it's any comfort I have had them for decades and although very slightly worse now than when younger, still bearable. I would absolutely love to hear from you if you find an answer and especially if someone recommends a cure.

Sadly you are not alone. Since i had the vax, the muscles pains have got worse and worse and my TSH has gone to over 8. My feet now feel like I am walking on buzzing sharp sponges, the only way i can describe it. They also feel like they are sitting in cement or plaster which doesn't set. I have sent away for some quite expensive socks which are supposed to help but I daresay will be a rip off. My medichecks blood test came back with over the range B12 which i expected as I hadnt left off the supplement but TSH 8.27 and T4 and T3 on the low side. I had paid for a nurse to come and do a venous test so that I could get the draw done early morning before breakfast . So I spoke to the GP, he ignored Medichecks and examined my feet and took blood tests. All came back normal apart from ferritin a bit low but acceptable and of course TSH was slightly suppressed just under 5 as the GP took the bloods in the afternoon. He first suggested either a rheumatologist, neurologist or geriatrician. When blood tests came back okay, guess which suggestion!!!!!! Great!!!!!

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JAmanda in reply to elaine2447

But if your tsh is over 8, you really need a dose increase?

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elaine2447 in reply to JAmanda

Ha ha, increase!!! I am not even on anything. Gp says thyroxine can sometimes help and sometimes not but it causes heart disease. I didn't know that, knew it could cause osteoporisis taken long term.

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JAmanda in reply to elaine2447

What were your latest tsh t4 and T3?

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elaine2447 in reply to JAmanda

August with nurse coming to my home morning before breakfast to do blood draw via medichecksTSH 8.27 (Range 0.27 - 4.2)

T. 3 4.7 (3.1 - 6.8)

T4 14.2 (13 - 22)

September at Gp surgery 3.30 p. m (after breakfast and lunch which GP seems to think makes no difference as tsh fluctuates!!!

TSH 4.48 (0.35 - 5.50)

T4 12.1 (10.5 - 21.0)

No T3 ever done in UK gp surgeries

All very conveniently "within the normal range"!!!!!

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JAmanda in reply to elaine2447

Guess you can self source… or ask doctor for a retest and book earliest appointment.

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elaine2447 in reply to JAmanda

I've given up to be honest.

I was just told you have to live with it when I mentioned it to the doctor.

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elaine2447 in reply to elwins

Sounds about right!!!

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elwins in reply to elaine2447

Just to say have been on thyroxine for over 60 odd yearsEver since I was a kid.

The following link may be helpful: 'Small Fibre Neuropathy' = SFN or 'Small Fibre Polyneuropathy Neuropathy' = SFPN are two different names for the same condition which, according to this link, has only recently been identified. This could be what you are talking about.

There seems to be no cure for this except to get your t3 high enough in range perhaps . I am better now my t3 is over 6 - I can bear to have my feet under the covers at night for example. I occasionally take a couple of naproxen - it does nothing that day but improves things the next day.

Ah, the old pin fairy! I think there are more than one here as I can get stabbed in a number of places very quickly. Her favorate spot is the end of my big toe, but she likes my bum and has occasionally crept up as far as my shoulders.

I find holding a glass of red wine in my hand helps, as I dont want to spill it and so am not tempted to swipe at her. Sometimes she gets exited and really goes to town and I am dancing round the room doing the German slap dancing.

No, I have not found a cure. Cursing at her helps.

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Heloise in reply to serenfach

LOL! But curious if it feels like a bee has stung you. One time it happened as I was crouching and I shot up wondering where the bee was. Later I had a tiny eruption in that spot. No, I was indoors, no bees. Another time I jumped up after feeling this pinprick (but it wasn't a prick, more like a jab) just over my shoulder. I have a little scar tissue in that spot. I haven't had been able to discover exactly what happened but certainly it is something going on with nerves.


I’ve had nerve pain since my NDT was pulled off the market and I had to take a different one. So I increased my dosage slightly, and the pain is getting better. Could be you’re under medicated too.

Neuropathy takes on many mantles making itself known in our bodies it seems. I was originally diagnosed around ten years ago. My feet suffer rather different pain to my legs, both are prone to serious cramp. My right and left hands are slightly different which could be due to the extent of osteo arthritis or the fact I have de Quervains in my left wrist. I find taking Pregabalin and Immipramine ease neauopathic pain and I use magnesium spray for cramps. I have co codamol to take when things are grim an£ six monthly steroid injections for de Quervains.

I do not know if my neuropathy is linked to hypothyroidism, diabetes or just one of those things. I try not to link everything to hypothyroidism otherwise I might sound like a broken record in my own head!

When my husband complains of leg discomfort to a neurologist during investigations for Parkinson’s m he got the all clear mercifully, he was sent for testing and diagnosed with ‘short nerve damage’. Basically that’s neuropathy but he prefers the short nerve damage description because he can tell me I don’t understand the pain he has. 🙂

I hope you get some help/ relief soon

Hello there! I have the same symptoms!! Everything started after my Thyroid was attacked by a virus and could never recover. I'm taking levo now but symptoms continue. SO, i'm focusing and working on nutrient levels now: ferritin, b12 and D.

I was diagnosed more than 15yrs ago with PN & joint hyper mobility - a long time before thyroid. Majority of the time it’s pins and needles constantly in the feet, lower legs and hands. But Occasionally I get it in the face and scalp too. I used to have a lot of pain in the feet, cramps & stabbing pains and burning sensation on occasions. I was sent to an NHS podiatrist who fitted me with half insoles as my arches collapse when weight bearing, it stopped the pain but did nothing for numbness/ pins & needles. I was prescribed various prescription drugs for it but none of it did anything so I stopped taking them after a few years. Now I just live with it and ignore it, unless it goes into my face and flares with TMJ, then I just take ibuprofen for a few days to calm it down. It’s a pain in the backside and annoying at others, but I can live with it, better than taking the drugs with the horrendous side affects of them.

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