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Cough and phlegm - levo

Hi I'm sorry it's graphic, Please can someone let me know if, when stopping levo Wockhardt the developed a cough and phlegm. It's been a week or more

I'd like to understand why this is happening please if you can put light in it, is it because the levo fillers (maize corn) caused this reaction or is this to do with mucin generally because the tsh is high, In other words is it s good thing I'm 'getting rid' to pardon the expression

Definitely not had this before levo, and on the very first day I took it, I looked like I had hay fever (always reacted sensitively to new things ) which settled down in three days

Have sent off cortisol test as read a few times that this must be addressed before thinking about thyroid hormones, I just felt it right thing to do one step at a time, and if course healing gut, I just can't see the point of it all unless this happens first, as like putting plaster on I don't have thought


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Hi Jeppy I usually get a bad cough if my Thyroid medication is not right you need to put your recent blood test on

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Thanks for reply Mary, It just seems odd to get phlegm ? Why would this be? I'm sure it is levo related

I basically would like to k ow it it's a good or bad thing, ? Meaning if it's mucin that the levo is releasing that must be ok, but if it's caused by the levo that's not good ! 🤒


Hi Jeppy I stopped Wockhardt Levo on 2 June and still have the cough and a lot of phlegm. What made me stop was I had to take an antibiotic for the last week and it felt as though my lungs were being ripped out. I could not manage to take the last day of antibiotics. I went back on Aliud which I had been self-funding and it has gradually got a bot better. I also found my legs were very painful and stiff on Wockhardt. I, personally, feel that it could be something to do with the microcrystaline cellulose in it. I was told this was not good about 10 years ago. Google it and see. Magnesium stearate, which is also in just about all meds is not good either.


Thankyou so much

I will have a google, helpful you had it too, hope it's a bit better,, I think mine is better today funnily, not so bad

So though, do you think the levo creates the phlegm or do you think we have mucin in lungs and actually the levo has took us to a place to dispel it!!!! 😱

This is the million dollar question, is it a good thing to get rid, was it there in lungs hanging about S told there is a lot of mucin around when hypo?

So frustrating isn't it!? What is aliud, is this levo another make?



Honestly! It's only put in to stop it sticking to machinery in manufacture!!! ( never mind lungs).


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