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Thyroid and graves

Hi Iv been suffering with thyroid problems for years and years. I'm 24 but hardly feel it. I had radio iodine at 20 along with steroids due to Graves' disease. Ever since Iv been under a consultant at the endo. I just seem to get worse and never get to the bottom of my issues. My eyes are now bulgy it's affecting my daily life I suffer with headaches every day,have been referred to a specialist for cosmetic eye surgery( optical decompression) . I'm always tired, find myself sleeping my days away. Along with all this it causes me to constantly bleed. Iv had a thyroid storm which since has bought on anxiety and heart syncope. I'm on 125mg Levo.i have problems with my neck shoulders legs and hands and feet., and lower back. My hair falls out too.the list is endless. I just feel over the years I'm getting worse rather than better. I walk in and walk out worse. Anybody else have these problems with their thyroid? If so any idea why? As Iv been on all doses and none seem to help.

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I'm sorry you had no replies, this may be because your post was missed or because people who saw it didn't have the relevant information or experience to answer. If you still need help it may be worth posting again.




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