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Thank you

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Thank you to those who replied to my last couple of posts and those who have previously posted their own stories. Following a tsh of 5.2 (0.2-4.0) in August I was prepared for a bit of a fight to be medicated this morning. As it happens my tsh has apparently risen to 7.8 upon repeat test, so my GP has decided to prescribe based on my symptoms and the fact that she said she wouldn’t be surprised if I hit 10 by Christmas anyway. Thanks to the support here I felt a lot more prepared than I otherwise would have been.

Interestingly in my area apparently the lab only tests tsh and antibodies (which were a resounding negative) so I might start saving for private tests in the new year.

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Hi AmieL,

So glad you found an understanding doctor. They are hard to come by! I wish the treatment works for you soon! :-)

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