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Made Changes to improve health with Hashimoto's

i have managed my Thyroid health for the past 11 years and have experienced years of unpredictable and difficult to control health issues. Some of the symptoms I dealt with fatigue, sleeplessness, abdominal issues, weight issues, coughing especially at night, confusion etc.

Over the last year, I have changed my diet, eliminating certain foods altogether, which allowed me to control my weight and introduce exercise. i also eliminated certain chemicals / toxins in my home, replacing it with certain cleaners, soaps and essential oils, which helped me eliminate sleeping issues I used to have. Prior to these changes, i have never gone more than six months without having a significant thyroid decline. My medication and dosage has remained the same Synthroid and Cytomel combo. I am confident that all of these things have improved my overall health and just wanted to share.

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Well done for having the commitment to change all that. It just goes to prove it really can pay off.



Many members will take note. I am glad you have been successful.


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