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l I'm new to this site. I have suffered with a diagnosed hypothyroidism for the last 20yrs and take Levothyroxine. What is NDT treatment?

I was quite unwell from aged 28and by thirty had a full Hysterectomy due to persistent heavy flooding periods and a number of unexplainable illness. looking at the research these days it was likely to be thyroid all along that caused my menopausal symptoms if this had been identified correctly it may have been that i did not need a hysterectomy at the age of 30. However i went with what the doctors said and had a hystorectomy and then HRT TREATMENT. I had long periods of fluctuating health physical and mental. Eventually 5yrs later they diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I was put on Levothyroxine. Initially I felt better but then began to see a pattern of fluctuating health again. It turned out that the two meds together gave a contraindications. I stopped taking the HRT and began to feel much better within about 3 months I was a completely different person back to my old self. Since then my thyroid levels have fluctuated and i have struggled with the wieght issues as most of us do.. I discovered a diet plan called 'sure slim' and they pointed out to me that certain foods should be avoided if you have a Hypothyroid . I was shocked at the foods they suggested leaving out of my diet. However I followed their advice and low and behold I began to lose weight. Furthermore when I had my annual blood test my thyroid levels had changed and for the better which suggested I was producing more natural hormone levels. Like every diet plan however after a 3yrs I have gone of track and gained most of the 3 stone back again. but the good news is I have found my old plan and have started on it again and the weight is beginning to come off. So the up shot is I know I need to stick to the plan..x

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Levothyroxine is a synthetic thyroid hormone T4 which should convert to enough T3, developed about the time the thyroid land blood tests came in. T4 is inactive and T3 is the active which every cell in our body needs - the brain containing the most cells.

Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone was the medication previously used for more than 100 years, from pigs or cows thyroid glands. It contains T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin and maybe some others we are unaware of. There were no blood tests then and patients were treated and prescribed according to their clinical symptoms, and I am sure with your history above you would have been treated much earlier.

The reliance nowadays is on the TSH for diagnosing and treatment with clinical symptoms appearing not to be considered by the GPs. I doubt if many of them know what they are - and they can be extensive. The worst thing they can do is adjust your medication according to your TSH blood tests except, of course, if you are having too much which you would find yourself at the doctors very quickly anyway.

Levothyroxine is the only one directed to be used by the British Thyroid Association in the NHS. We usually have to go private if we want to try dessicated but here is a link:-


I think you will be very interested in this Video - of 3 Scottish Ladies appeal to the Scottish Parliament.!/#thyro...


I can't see avideo of the women talking about thyroid only the committee speaking with a health official.


Hopefully, this is the right link now. The other, although it is dated Feb seems to have updated itself to June. You will have to cursor down the page as the link you will see clearly is nearly at the bottom of the page.!/#thyro...


Thank you. . I am making an appointment with my Gp to ask for further testing of my t4 - t3 convention.


this is a youtube video about NDT..

I LOVE it.. If you're lactose intolerant.. you NEED it because both Levo (t4) and lio (t3) are full of lactose fillers so they will make you ill


Other people also prefer the natural stuff. see here


Thank you I be seeing my Gp to ask about other treatments available. Such as Armour or NDT


Hi Scotland13

Was so interested in what you wrote,about losing weight with your plan,sounds like we're in the same boat were weight go's up and down.

Could you post on here those foods you was told to cut out of your diet that help you to then lose weight,also as you mentioned your plan,would appreciates it,as have tried this and that,as doctors don't really care about how a so.enter feels,as my daughter gets married next Sept 2015 and do t want to look or be fat,await for your plan I. Earnest

Thank you



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