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Case Study Needed for Popular Women's Magazine

They are looking into writing up someone’s account of their thyroid condition where it directly affected their weight. So, for instance, it would be ideal to speak to someone who really struggled losing weight and gained it very easily, where their life was very affected, and the whole time were unaware that they had this medical condition.

They are looking for someone between the ages of 35-55.

Deadline is next Friday.

Email me if you are interested thanks - louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org



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I'm too old!


Me too🤗

If they’ll throw in a free gastric band and tummy tuck I’m up for it!!! 😂


I,m too old also 😥

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Yep that's me. I gained 5 stone in 5 years!!! GP told me I was depressed lol


Yea, depressed because you gained weight and felt ill tell him. drs👎


Just saying I am too old . However, I can remember my gran and aunts saying that if a person was overweight they had hormone problems !

Then in the 1950/60s I then recall it being said they my generation it couldnt be that.

Was that around the time pharmas got their hands in it with their levothyroxine 🤔

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Yes levo was introduced along with the blood tests and both brought big $$$$ to their coffers plus, of course, the 'extras' for the symptoms which are unknown these days so are unconnected to hypo.

Hi Louise. I'm 44 @ would like to take part. Many thanks Paula 101

Hi Paula - sorry but the deadline has passed for this. :( x

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