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Just had had latest bloods back. TSH is 0.27 (0.5-5), free T4 16.9ish (12-22) and free T3 5.1 (3.8- 6.8) I've been getting headaches everyday fro last couple of weeks, joint pain, back pain, dry skin, memory still really bad and sweating a lot. Couple of weeks ago I was also in hospital with violent body shaking. Waiting to hear back from endo about upping T3. Also my calcium came back high but only just. I will need another repeat of that test in december. Thoughts?

TSH shows hyperthryoid but actual thyroid hormones well within range. Since I' taking 12.mcg of T3 with my 100mcg of levo in the morning though, shouldn't my Free T3 be higher?

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do you have autoimmune thyroid, (Hashimoto's) Do you have high thyroid antibodies. If so are you strictly gluten free

What about vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12. Have these been tested recently, essential to be at good levels when taking T3


I do have hashimotos. My antibodies was tested again but forget to ask/check that result. I've tried going gluten free and didn't do anything. It's also very difficult because I'm very fussy eater.

Last time B12 was tested few weeks back it was over 400, ferretin was in 60s I think and vitamin D was recently tested but gp today wouldn't give me the result. He said it wasn't important. Don't know about folate.

Also when my blood pressure was checked at hospital couple of weeks ago it was 151/91 (28 year old male)


You are entitled to the blood test results. Ask reception for a print out or register to access your blood test results online.

Do you know why your blood pressure is high? If going gluten free didn't help you could try a low carb diet which might help lower blood pressure.


When I saw rehmuo she thought it could be because of kidney disease because also had protein +2 in urine (and when I pee it's bubbly/frothy) but haven't heard anything back so guessing tests were fine. High blood pressure happens in thyroid conditions so atm I'm guessing it's that.


You shouldn't have high blood pressure as a result of thyroid disease if your thyroid hormone is sufficiently replaced.

Has your doctor tested your Hba1c level?


Yeah that was fine.

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suggest you watch this series - currently free to view


perhaps work with a nutritionist

Vitamin D is essential for good thyroid


Gluten free may lower antibodies over time


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