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Update for Selenium Experiment

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I definitely feel like I am getting there :)

For those who missed it...I have been self treating my thyroid disorder which has baffled my doctors and specialists for 30 years.

My latest blood test shows that my thyroid function is now well within the healthy range. This is good news as I need to lose several more stone to be considered for a heart transplant.

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Hey nice one but I'm not familiar with your experiment. .what have you been taking/doing regards meds/suppliments/vitamins?👍

At the start of the experiment I was on 175 mcg levo and my GP wanted to increase this...I decreased the levo because the T4 was already off the scale at the top end of healthy (GP only tests TSH and as that was high he decided my T4 must be too low).

I then dropped to 150 levo and added 200mg of selenium...my second private test showed T4 at the top end of healthy...the TSH was still high and my T3 was too low.

I then increased the selenium to 400mg and dropped the levo to 125mcg and the most recent test showed TSH T4 and T3 are all within the healthy range.

Since the latest blood test I have increased the selenium to 600mg as I am wanting to convert more of the T4 to T3 as I have heart failure and don't want my T4 anywhere near the top end of healthy.

I am due another blood test mid to late January and am hoping to see more improvement

Im glad taking your health into your own hands as helped you get the results you want!.. ..good on you and I look forward to seeing January results.

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