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Could this be a valid 🇬🇧 T3 source?

Advice appreciated. I have come across this Uk company after following a product mentioned on this site by a member.

Could the administration look at this company who from the information available looks to be an organic UK based product with province.

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Administrators are here to help the forum to function and do not have any special knowledge or understanding.

The company does not, so far as I can tell, sell T3 (liothyronine).

The company does, however, sell products based on dried porcine thyroid. What they do not publicly state is the amount of thyroid hormone their products contain.

Finally, they do appear to be a bona fide UK company:


Same people who produce Adrenavive, which some people use as adrenal support.


Sorry this is not T3, it's a porcine supplement, and the active ingredients or dose is not mentioned so in short I would advise not to buy it as an alternative prescribed T3.

You can discuss taking supplements with your GP and they can advise further.

Best of luck


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