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Medines running out giving up on life

So i cant get my body to except any other type of t3 other than the greese t3 uni-pharma i have 10 days left but 14 to my opp :( i cant take the ndt untill my opp as if flares my gland and im really unwell t4 makes me rrally dizzy and ill also.

(I have m.e fibromyalgia and vertigo my body is really sensitive to fillers)

I dont know why im posting this i guess its because i feel lost and alone and just dont know what to do now, iv been trying to cut back and am really starting to feel bad again :( i just got married and was hoping to go away b4 my opp but travel with just a few pills scary

I know there is probably no help for me but thought i would share anyway :(

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What T3 have you tried apart from UniPharma?


Hi clutter iv tried cytomel from mexico and Tiromel both give me bad side effects i have got thyro3 and tried a tinny bit but can feel that also :( i just need to get past my opp date and hope i will be ok on ndt after the gland is removed 🙏🏻


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