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Query regarding Laratadine tablets

Hello I have a quick question regarding anti histamine tablets. I suffer from itchy skin and have been taking allacan tablets,( hay fever and allergy relief). But I've been looking at tablets online on a well known high street store and Laratadine came up. Are these okay for me considering I have a thyroid problem, please? I'm trying to save a bit of money as they are a regular purchase and my blood tests haven't proved why I have the allergy so they're not free as my prescription for levo is.

Thank you so much for any help I receive.


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All your prescription charges are exempt as you are hypothyroid. If you mean your GP won't prescribe Allacan tablets then you can certainly switch to Loratidine instead.


I suffer from itchy skin and take Fexofenadine 180mg daily. This particular dose is especially for itchy skin conditions. And you can only get it on prescription.



I can not get the allacan on prescription as my blood tests have not confirmed any allergies, the doctor was concerned there may be kidney or liver problems but they're very healthy. I just thought about something, I told the nurse I had a skin problem and she was the one suggesting the allergy tablets as she has the same symptom's and has hypothyroid. She also told me to get tested and if the tests proved the cause I'd be exempt when getting the tablets. They are over the counter ones so that's probably why you're stating why they should be free. However thanks for your replies. Take care


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