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How Supporting the Liver Is Key to Recovering from Thyroid Disease, DR. IZABELLA WENTZ


Some of my clients with Hashimoto’s have reported adverse reactions to various supplements, in addition to an increasing list of food and environmental allergies. Addressing your gut health and any underlying deficiencies can help many people, but what if you find yourself reacting to recommended protocols that are supposed to help you?

Investing in some supplements only to discover you are sensitive or reacting to them may be discouraging. You may even be scared to try a new intervention in case you have an adverse reaction to it. But don’t throw in the towel — there’s a way to address this hypersensitivity and reclaim your healthy self!

An accumulation of toxic buildup over time can result in an overburdened detoxification system that may show signs of stress. Oftentimes, clients may find that supporting the liver makes a significant difference in their well-being and can improve many of their other symptoms too. So, the first step to being a “liver” of life again may just lie in supporting the liver...

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I have read this today with interest. I was wondering if coffee in an unconventional way would be the way to go for fatty liver and totally stagnant lymph, oedematous limbs etc. Having listened to Lyme summit 2 they said a lot about opening up eleimation pathways and liver care. I went down the route of large doses of glutathione together with querticin to try and dampen the reactions to items that didn't trouble me before. Querticin helped a bit but after three months I still couldn't introduce anything. But after one month of glutathione the swelling is subsiding and I have successfully reintroduced some foods. There is definitely something in this approach.

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Brilliant post. Thank you for sharing.

I was very unwell 3 years ago, following over prescription for pain relief meds, (whilst awaiting an appointment for an MRI, which showed 3 prolapse discs).

I developed a full body skin rash (very itchy), and I felt very hyperthyroid! I was in such a bad way, I collapsed, and was 'ambulance blue-lighted' to hospital, at (a different), GP request.

Thereafter, a dermatologist suggested, I was over prescribed levothyroxine and had toxicity. My prescribed levothyroxine, was eventually, twice reduced (by reluctant GP), from 125mcg to 75 mcg.

I then had additional stress, when I was called for a liver scan, then a second liver scan! Then told, I had 2 haemangiomas on my liver. I had always questioned GP, was my liver safe taking all those pain meds. Her reply was always, your LFTs are fine!

By now, I was seriously losing trust, and respect, for my GP. She was just not interested in thyroid symptoms, or, this latest diagnosis on liver.

I e-mailed the Liver Support Health line. An email response, to my questions, and concerns, categorically informed me, that thyroid patients, are prone to liver toxicity, with prescription meds.

I know, many GPs, are not understanding thyroid problems, well, I also found out, (mine), did not make the thyroid-liver connection either!

I have now changed my GP practice.

However, I am improving my health, since joining HU, reading a lot!, as well as, acting on my own intuition. Something, I should have done 3 years ago!

Dr Izabella Wentz work is a fantastic resource. She knows, she has suffered too.


Such a pity when we have to learn these things the hard way!

Hope you're much better now!


Oh yes, I am. Thank you BadHare.

I absolutely agree with you. If only I had known! Could have saved me, and my family, a lot of heartache.

Well, that's what my post is all about really. If one person, can relate, and be saved such pain, good will have come out of bad.

As it is said, don't look back in anger... moving on... lol take care.


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