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5 Keys to Improving Thyroid Hormone Conversion from Hashimoto's Healing


I feel I've just been to thyroid school having read this excellent explanation of how thyroid hormone conversion occurs, how Hashimoto's impedes conversion and how to deal with it. Brain fogged Hashi Roidies should sit at the front of the class ;)


Part 1/4 videos hashimotoshealing.com/heali...

Part 2/4 videos hashimotoshealing.com/hashi...

Part 3/4 videos hashimotoshealing.com/hashi...

Part 4/4 videos hashimotoshealing.com/program/

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Thanks for posting this, Clutter. I love Marc Ryan and the way he simplifies even the most complicated process. Really wish he was uk based!

Very clear and easy to understand explanation. Thanks for posting this.

Very informative-and like others have said, more easy to understand.

Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to the next video.

Clutter in reply to topaz1

From your mouth to God's ear hashimotoshealing.com/hashi...


Thank you Clutter for going to Thyroid school for everyone.

What you found is very interesting not just for Hashimoto.

I will read and view all at leisure this evening.Talk soon

wow! thanks so much for posting, I have learnt so much! wish doctors would read it!

Clutter in reply to susie59

You could print it and accidentally leave it behind at your next GP visit :-D

susie59 in reply to Clutter

Lol, I might just do that, perhaps we all should!

Update to say all 4 videos are now on.

Thanks Clutter

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