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how many of you have lost your jobs battling graves disease or did you get support from work

How many of you have lost your jobs while batteling Graves' disease

Many of you know my plight at work

I would be intreated in finding out how many people have lost their jobs due to graves

It would be interesting to see how you where supported at work

And the amount of support you got dealing with your sumptoms

From being hypo to hyper and dealing with sight issues and depression

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Have deleted the duplicate post.



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no worries I may get more of a response on a post rather than a question x


To be perfectly honest it probably won't make the slightest difference.

Posts and Questions all end up in the same place anyway (latest posts) and I think that most people check there to find new content. :)




If it has a substantial effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities it is covered by the Equality Act. See gov.uk/definition-of-disabi... . Whoops! Didn't realise it was from the same person. I thougth it strange getting two similar posts.


One of my colleagues has Graves Disease and TED and is still unstable on carbimazole after three years. Her endo appointments are about six months apart, so she is swinging from hyper to hypo all the time. However, since she was diagnosed in October 2012, she has not missed a day's work and, although her performance is not always spot on, she is managing.

Our employer has offered flexible working and a referral to Occupational Health and she has declined both saying they are not needed. However, if she had felt she needed the support, it was there for her.

We work in the public sector.


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