Please take part in the NHS England Consultation!

Please take part in the NHS England Consultation!

We need more patients to complete the online consultation (survey) regarding the withdrawal of liothyronine (and other over the counter meds).

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Complete it now or you may find that someone you know will need T3 and not be able to get it!

Complete the survey here and make sure you tell them what the impact would be for you if they withdraw T3 and that they will be discriminating against women!

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  • Already done it Lyn! May lots of others do the same - swamp them with replies to analyse.

  • We had a big meeting with our CCG yesterday. It seems that only if a huge number of patients complete the consultation will they take any notice. Everyone please fill it in!

    My CCG has had an outright ban on t3 since May 2016. Gp's in my CCG are now being paid 10p for every patient they switch from t3 to t4!!! 😠

  • In the document, it states: "Liothyronine (sometimes known as T3) is used to treat hypothyroidism. It has a similar action to levothyroxine but is more rapidly metabolised and has a more rapid effect;"

    Surely this is plain wrong? Isn't it like saying that because oestrogen and progesterone are both sex hormones, they have a similar effect and therefore one can be substituted for the other?

  • I put off filling in the survey because I thought it would take ages- in fact it took about 15 mins. I put in the points I wanted to, even though they didn't seem to be answering the questions!

    -T3 ban would affect women and low earners- they'd have to buy their own.

    -Many people feel better on T3 (including myself for 15 years.) If the NHS doesn't accept this, they're infantilising patients by denying their experience. They're not allowing patients to participate in their own treatment. T3 is effective and safe.

    -Government mismanagement has allowed pharmaceutical companies to raise the price of T3 extortionately.

    -The NHS is wasting public money by buying T3 so expensively instead of finding cheaper sources. (eg, France, Germany)

  • Can UK people who don't live in England participate in this survey? (i.e. if you live in Scotland, Wales etc)

  • I live in Scotland and completed it but not sure if they'll count it. They haven't been in touch to say otherwise. Just thought it was worth a try.

  • Sorry brain fog bad today.

    do I answer YES for question 2?

  • Questions are oddly phrased you need to say no to all four from what I remember did it long time ago. Sure someone else will confirm

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