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Blood results

Hello would anyone mind explaining these results.

TSH. 1.83 mIU/L 0.27-4.20

Free thyroxine 20.1 pmol/L 12.0-22.0

Total thyroxine T4 102.0 nmol/L 59.0-154.0

T3. 3.83 pmol/L 3.10-6.80

Thyroglobulin anti 588.000 iu/ml 0.00-115.00

Thyroid peroxidase anti 570 iu/ml 0.00-34.00

Just want to confirm with you guys as you have a lot of experience and knowledge on these sort of things

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A cold read highlights that you have raised antibodies and they're associated with Hashimoto's, the commonest reason for hypothyroidism.

For you other results - your FT4 is in the upper part of the range, and your FT3 is in the lower third of its range, the TSH is <2.

It would help more knowledgeable people than I am to comment in a helpful manner if you can state whether or not you're on levo. and which dosage?

Do you have any vitamin or mineral levels to share, along with their reference ranges, please? Likewise, are you currently taking any supplements, and, if so, their dosages?

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Thank you! Il add that all in


Iv updated the original post :)


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