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Using less thyroid medication during luteal phase or if using progesterone?

Any other ladies here have to back off their meds in their luteal phase? Currently I'm on 1.5 grains Acella NP. My labs look good and I'm feeling pretty good. But mid luteal I go very hyper. RHR increases several BPM, I can't sleep at all, I'm sweaty and shaky and miserable. If I back off my meds it goes away within a day but then my period starts early. Anyone experience this and have any idea how to deal with it? I assume it's the progesterone which is good for thyroid function and I've just started getting my periods back after years on the BCP. Not sure what to do!

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I'm sorry you've still not had any replies.


I get something similar but I find I notice it during the follicular phase when my RHR drops by ten beats and I have to increase medication to stop the hypo symptoms

I think the oestrogen during the follicular phase binds my thyroid hormones


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