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Does NDT work this quickly ?

I had an appointment for a b12 injection the other day . After she gave me it , the nurse said I have to do your thyroid bloods . This was 11.45 and I had just taken my meds at 11am as this suits me better . When I got the results it was way over the top of the t3 range 9.8 , the top being 6.3 .

I know I would have residual meds in my blood , but would my NDT have worked like this in 45 mins ?

Unfortunately the receptionist has panicked and faxed to the doc .


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the nurse said I have to do your thyroid bloods

You should have said "no, I want thyroid tests done first thing in the morning, I'll make another appointment"

They can't do anything without your informed consent.

Thyroid meds generally peak in the blood abut 2-6 hours after taking them, so maybe it hasn't made a difference. I'd actually ask for them to be done again.


Susie I am doing a fingerprint test on Monday , so hopefully will get a true reading .Thanks Pp


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