Got T3 from GP 😃

I trotted off to the GP this week with my letter from the endocrinologist saying that I feel better on T3 and my DIO2 gene test saying that I have double faulty gene and struggle to convert T4 to T3.

I started to explain about my 23 year journey to this point and before I knew it she was on the computer printing off a prescription. It was red- listed so I asked her if she would get into trouble.

She said, 23 years is a long time to put up with this. You've spent a lot of time and money on it - it's time you had the support you need!!

I love ❤️ my new GP!!

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  • And you certainly deserve it. Well done! It's very sad that we have to fight so hard but fight we must! Well done you.


  • Great news! Supportive GP. Let me have the details x

  • Thats great. Hope you feel better soon. What county are you in, out of interest. .x

  • Hi Fifi12. I'm in Merseyside 😉

  • Cograts 👧 i hope you feel better soon!

  • How brilliant, delighted for you

    Snap, it took 23 years for me too. My new GP is also very supportive and even recommending gluten free and DIO2 testing to other Hashimoto's patients.

  • And you live where exactly? Your GP's catchment area is what exactly?


    Well done, what a lovely GP - a keeper. Don't let her go! On second thoughts, ask her if she'd like to live in a little seaside town in north-west Wales :)

  • I'm in North Liverpool, South Sefton CCG. They've red-listed it but she ignored that. She's amazing.

  • I predict a lot of people moving house very soon :D

  • Or a wonderful rural village in mid-Wales... 😄

  • Hi

    "It was red- listed * what is red- listed ? if you dont mind me asking.



  • The NHS is trying to ban doctors from prescribing it and although the consultation is still in progress a lot of CCGs are stopping it already. When the doctor looked it up on the computer it came up in red to warn her not to prescribe it.

  • Hi Maggie 0652 how are you doing on your T3 ??? Hope all is well. You are very lucky being prescribed this drug. I’m looking to ordering it online somewhere as docs in UK aren’t allowed. Can you say if it’s helping.? Good luck to you

  • Well done you xx

  • Does T3 have another pharmaceutical name please? Well done and good luck ☺

  • It's Liothyronine

  • Thanks ☺

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