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Some B12 and Cortisol help please

I have been very ill, bed bound for the last month. Two trips to A&E with very fast irregular heart beat of 149 bpm. They did tracings but it had calm down and gone to normal by then. I have now developed POTS like symptoms especially bad when getting out of bed in the mornings. Low blood sugar episodes, no appetite and constant nausea. Low tempreture and blood pressure. Numbness in feet, cannot walk more than a few steps I am trying sublingural B12 5000 mcg. Tiredness and fatigue is bad. Very weird no energy shaking. Feel like all my lifes energy is draining from me. Weird anxiety symptoms.

I told doctor I am supplementing B12 before blood test, she says I am ok, I asked for active B12 test as I don't think I am asorbing it. She does not know what this test is.

Lastest blood test results. I will just list abnormal ones.

lgA = 6.8 g/L high

Serum cortisol = 167nmol/L low

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate = 2mm/h low

B12 = 868

Monocyte count = 0.9 10*9/L high

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) = 96.4 fl High

TSH results now 0.67 T4 19.04 I had raised from 75mcg to 100 mcg levo 5 weeks ago because TSH had raised to 3.90

I so need some help.

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I believe there is only one hospital in London that will test for active B12 and unlikely that you would get referred there unless you live nearby. Medichecks can do it but you would need to pay for it. There are other tests the NHS can do to investigate B12 but as your B12 is high in range it's unlikely they would do it.

What about other vitamins, did you get them tested this time?


Hello Nanaedake vitamin D 77nmol/L (30 to 200) I have been supplementing on and off. Folate 12.0 ug/L (3.4 - 20.0) Serum ferritin 96.7 ug/L (20 - 300) that is all that was done.


Hello Nanaedake vitamin D 77nmol/L (30 to 200) I have been supplementing on and off. Folate 12.0 ug/L (3.4 - 20.0) Serum ferritin 96.7 ug/L (20 - 300) that is all that was done.


Vitamin D could still be supplemented until you get to about 100 if you're in the UK as we're going into winter when you body will use stored vitamin D.

Was there a range for MCV? People really need to view MCV in context of the other iron results MCHC and MCH with ranges, I think.


Hello Nanedake MCV = 96.4 fl high that is all that's on there. I think it is right on the top of the range,

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MCHC = 336 g/L no ranges given

MCH = 32.4pg high


Ok, well it doesn't really help unless you can veiw ranges but never mind. Was it a print out from your surgery? You could register online to view your blood test results and then you would get all the ranges.


What time of day was the Cortisol tested ? This is potentially a very low result & therefore dangerous

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Hi Swanagegirl it was taken at 10.30 in the morning. I am very ill at the moment :0(


Hi Katherine,

Your cortisol is way too low for time of day .

At 9am it should be 600 - 700

At 10.30 am should be around 450 - 500

What is gp doing about it ?

What autoimmune conditions do you already have and what is in your family tree of autoimmune conditions .

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Hi Swanagegirl I am waiting for endocrine appointment NHS but cannot get one until 3 months time. I am also hypothyroid (75 mcg levothyroxine) I have B12 issues, although my blood results show high (800) B12 I am supplementing with Jarrows 5000 mcg B12. But my MCV and other blood results are very high, flagged high on the blood test results, so it looks like I am not really converting B12 all that good. I am bed/couch at the moment, no energy, out of breath all the time, not sleeping well, have not worked for 6 weeks. the slightest shock as in a knock on the door by parcel man and I am shaking like crazy and struggling to breath. Every time I stand up I feel like passing out and my heartbeat goes from 66 sitting up to a 130 just by standing up. No appetite, nausea all the time, lost a third of my hair (falling out like crazy), my fingernails have gone wavy at the edges. Bad muscle spasms of a night when trying to sleep especially pelvic floor spasms :0(


Dear Katherine,

I think B12 is not the main problem for you at the moment. I am very concerned about your adrenal glands.

If you cortisol is 167 at 10.30am then it will be falling to much lower levels during the day. Also if you were at all stressed at the time of blood test then you could well have spiked your cortisol level up higher than it normally is.

This is a medical emergency. GP should be running very fast. It is NOT appropriate that you wait 3 months for an appointment for an endo.

In a normal person Cortisol does not drop below 100 at midnight.

Please either buy ( Amazon) or go to GP & request TODAY a diabetic blood sugar tester. This is not because I think you are diabetic, but to see what your blood sugar is when you feel shaky.

Low cortisol reduces blood sugar.

On your test results was potassium or sodium checked if so please tell me what they are with ranges.

Do you crave salt or salty foods ? hidden salt like olives or pickles.

Do you have any tanning ? - does your skin look grubby or like you have been on holiday ?

Do you have any other autoimmune conditions apart from Hypothyroidism ? Or does anyone else in the family ?

I can chat on the phone if you wish - I'm in London UK

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That would be such a help Swanagegirl I am in London, Uk too. I will message my telephone number over to you, or if you want me to ring you.


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