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I lost my voice every evening


Hi, does anyone know why I kept on losing my voice every evening when I kept on talking? I don't know why this is happening to me. I kept on moving my schedule to sing because of sudden lost of voice. I need advice please.

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Goodevening, please check with an Endocrinologist urgently for Bad Laryngitis.Mine got worst

Thank you. I am trying to find an available one.

Hi Athena, I know the thyroid has a lot to do with smooth muscle but recently I have found out that the vagus nerve is involved with the palate and throat and can cause your problem. You can energize that nerve and singing is one of the ways....well, humming and gargling. But look up the vagus nerve and you can see the connection.

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Thank you very much. Will also try that. :)

Mine goes when I'm undermedicated. Have you any results and ranges you can post?

As of now, I haven't got one. I am still trying to have a schedule for a check-up.

It's a hypothyroid symptom. I used to get it a lot before I was diagnosed.

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Yep, I hate to tell you this but I had frequent Laryngitis for years before I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had a total thyroidectomy and I have never had laryngitis since.

Get it looked at, you may be able to get it treated before it gets too far.

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Well, I was diagnosed with Hashi's, not thyroid cancer. :)

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Thank you for your advice. I will.

I believe this is to do with the adrenal glands - when I get very stressed then it affects my voice and it deepens - adrenal/thyroid connection - possibly due to thyroid having to pick up the slack from the adrenals when the stress has hit them.

Indeed I am pretty stressed lately having to go home late to hit two birds in one stone.

I sometimes get croaky voice and weak when I am overtired

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I am indeed pretty tired lately. :(


Do you have a thyroid problem? On Levo?

Any blood tests

Some background information is needed

I don't have either. That's why it was really pretty alarming when I woke up and suddenly I have no voice. :(

Hi there - I am so sorry you are under such stress - you will need to try and manage that if you can - taking supplements can help and getting enough sleep (if you can) and try to relax by other means if you can - yoga or the like.

Here is a link - organicauthority.com/adrena...

I have diagnosed adrenal insufficiency and I am on steroids for life - but I can tell you if I get stress then my voice deepens and I know my adrenals are grabbing the steroid even more than they do normally and I have to address that by relaxing if I can - 1,000 mg of Vitamin C is a good way to give the adrenals what is needed as they grab Vitamin C when they are upset.

If you want to keep something handy in your handbag - go to Holland and Barrett and buy their lozenges (in bright orange bottle) of Vitamin C and Zinc - these are amazing - suck one of those and your voice and adrenals will be helped. Follow the instructions dont take more than they recommend and make sure you dont chew them because it will affect the dentine (enamel) on your teeth - if you can drink a glass of water after you have finished a lozenge and it will rinse away the acid............these lozenges are amazing when you have a cold too...........remember when you are under extreme stress then even the weather or the drive to the office all the things that aren't normally too stressful will be adding to the strain because you are on overload...........so be careful - do you take any supplements - Vitamin B complex is another supplement you need to take for your adrenals.

Hope this helps.


Goodness, yes. This really would help me a lot. I am really stressed than usual lately and so this happens to me. I will take note of everything!!! Thank you so much! ^_^

Pleasure and keep well.............

Did you ever get to the bottom of your voice thing x

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