Lost my voice

Hi! Looking for some advice again, for the month and a half I have gone from having a normal voice to then no voice now every time I talk I end up chocking or having a coughing fit, which isn't ideal since I work with voice recognition. The GP will say it's just a viral thing but I feel fine in myself no soar throat or anything.

Shall I just hope it will pass?

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  • Hi amy, I hope you will begin to learn more about your condition and there are so many good instructors out there. It does affect smooth muscle and there is lots of inflammation. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease and attacks on your thyroid may be causing your throat issues. I don't suppose your doctors have check any antibodies? I always bring up John Bergman's videos on Healing the Thyroid since it explains how it all happens thoroughly but I post Dr. Clarke's videos because they are short and he touches on 20 topics on thyroid problems. Often gluten is a real problem and that in turn makes proper nutrition difficult.

    There are many actions you can take on your own. Check out the rest if you like.

  • Hello Heloise, thank you for replying to me. I don't think my doctor has checked for any antibodies, iv had a blood test to check all but I'm not actually sure what includes in the category "all".

    I do feel like there is something else wrong but the doctors keep brushing it off so unsure on what to do.

    I'll definitely look at the videos anything is worth a go at the moment. Thank you

  • In a list of symptoms for hypothyroidism, hoarse or croaky voice is on it. I lost the upper range of my singing voice. Amy, the thing about being an autoimmune condition is that you have to find what is triggering the attack. Have you had mononeucleosis or Epstein Barre? You are so young but I guess you could have a leaky gut if you are eating something that disagrees with your metabolic type and gluten seems to be a problem for many people. If you could make a change in your diet, it could make a real difference. You may need supplemental support in the meantime. These are the labs to look at.


  • Iv never had mononucleosis or Epstein barre, iv been tested for gluten and diabetes it came back clear, I feel like my whole body is trying to give up on me.

    I may need to change my diet I was asked to see a diet specialist when I was younger but being stubborn I refused.

  • It's not anything to do with calories so if it's not gluten perhaps it's lactose. Try to get good fats like coconut oil, mct oil, avacado (oil, too) to replace carbs. Look at autoimmune or paleo diets.

  • Iv never even thought about taking coconut oil, or avocado oil. Iv just watched the link about hashimotos, I think I should get tested. Do I have to ask the doctor for a test as they seem to always pass the blame onto something else, like being so tired is my depression. Thank you for the advice x

  • amy, doctors like Dr. Clarke are functional medicine doctors. They look for the cause of the dysfunction and go after it. Conventional doctors often look at one blood test (TSH) to diagnose hypo or hyperthyroid. It is truly a dangerous way to treat people who are ill. amy, I'm afraid you are going to have to tackle a lot of this yourself but you'll have lots of support. Many people here have had their own blood tests through a couple of places like Blue Horizon since doctors even refuse to take a free T3 test much less the autoimmune tests. You can get a whole panel of thyroid tests and really see what is going on. Next, you can get some of the thyroid hormones if you can't get them from your GP.

    Depression is a symptom because the brain doesn't have enough dopamine activity due to low metabolism. Your heart also needs thyroid hormone, everything does really and you are so young! Izabella Wentz who is now an expert became ill when she was your age and now is such a proponent for managing hypothyroidism. Check out her website. Some people go into complete remission depending on the cause. This man explains how it all works if you have time.

  • Environment. Do you notice this happens in a specific place? (Dry, dusty air)

  • I do work in a stockroom which has no natural light and is very dusty but I wouldn't say it only happens at work it seems to everywhere

  • OK. For me the dusty air of auditoriums seem to be problematic. I hope you get more helpful replies. I do too need my voice working....

  • Do you also have any sharp pain or any pain when you speak or sing?

    Whether answer to above is yes or no you could ask GP for referal to ENT for a nasendoscope. They may say no, but keep going back.

    You've had this over 6 weeks so keep pestering GP. Anyway a virus wouldn't last that long.

    I suffered acid damage to my throat. I didn't even know I had a sliding Hiatus Hernia. The damage was to my Arytenoids. My Larynx was OK so I had pain but didn't actually lose my voice. It was caused by Laryngophayngeal Reflux. This is when the stomach acid rises up above the oesophagus into the throat. It can pool in the throat at night. Only on rare occassions I had taste of acid. I also have a Posterior Prominence of the Cricopharyngeus also, I am told caused by acid.

    However I do have bad C-spine (Cervical Spondylosis) with loss of disc space and osteophytes. There is total loss of space at C5/C6 which I believe is in line with cricopharyngeus.

    Have you any problems with reflux ?

    Hope you find out cause and get treatment.

    I had to take 60mg Zoton Fastab lansoprazole for about 12 weeks, which cured it. Sadly it recurred when stopped so I have to take lower dose now.


  • Hello Mary!

    I keep pestering my GP and I feel they don't believe me, but something isn't right.

    When I first went to them about feeling tired and sleepy she said it would be highly doubtful I'd have any thyroid problems and it's most likely iron levels, turns out i do have hypothyroidism.

    I do currently have a cold which iv had for 3 days and it's going now but the voice thing has definitely been over a month.

    About a week ago my partner he had to help me in the night as I was chocking in my sleep, thank goodness he heard me, didn't think anything of it but I feel when iv been working as I use voice recognition in my job it aches to talk after a few hours and I find it difficult to bend my head downwards as it put pressure on my neck.

    I understand having thyroid problems may cause your voice to be slightly different but it's never been this much of a change.

    Thank you Mary I think a trip to the doctors is on the cards again


  • Hello Amy

    I can't remember exact date I saw ENT Specialist. I had a lot going on in 2008, very unwell, very lengthy stressful period. Sometime between then and 2010. It was actually before I had my Thyroid diagnosis which was 2011 - Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism.

    I gave up going to GP with throat. One gave me a spray (Chloroseptic or something like that). Another, when I insisted on being seen as an 'urgent' , was very angry as he was doing a smear clinic but no one else was available, looked at my throat and said ' it's not even red ' and gave me prescription for cocodamol. I had some in the house -wanted to know what was wrong with my throat. Anyway gave up. Then one evening on the local news an ENT Doc was on showing us a nasendoscope he was using to examine someone and explaining how it's the best way to examine throat. I wrote down his name and phoned his private clinic the next morning. I could have been seen in a few days for a £100

    I went to GP and said I want to go and see this man. I told him about how I had pain when singing in the Choir. He said 'you're not going to see him' and referred me to our local hospital's ENT.

    I waited a month or so for the appointment. It occurred to me afterwards that it would have been worth £100 to get treatment sooner.

    In 2008 I had Hypothyroid Blood results. But no one told me. When noticed by another Consultant in 2010 he retested and because they came back Euthyroid then ie within 'normal' range he said your Thyroid's OK and diagnosed Fibromyalgia !!!!

    But that's another long story!

    I can't think of any part of my body that hasn't been damaged or suffered an ailment. Pity they hadn't diagnosed my Thyroid sooner I might have been spared a lot of it.


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