Anyone lost their voice due to hypo?

I was diagnosed borderline hypo in november and gp let me try levo 25mg. I felt much better but shes not convinced im hypo so has asked me to stop it. That was a week ago and all my symptoms are returning. In addition, I woke up yesterday with no voice, its still like it now so ive booked to see gp tomorrow even though she said return in 3 months!! Im convinced its related to thyoid...

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  • My voice went when I went hypo also had a weird sore throat too. I could eat but cold air really hurt that I had to breathe through a scarf?

  • thanks for replying. did it go for a while then? until your meds kicked in?

  • A hoarse voice is a clinical symptom. It was my very first symptom. Even now, thought well medicated, sometimes I sound as if I'm a 40 a day smoker. Maybe print and tick the symptom list and give to your GP as well as well as the last link.

    The fact you felt better on 25mcg of levo, would suggest you are hypo. Stopping it appears to have made you worse so I would think a dose of 50 initially may make you feel better.

  • Thanks Shaws, i've told her all my symptoms! took a list in. she seemed to think it was feeling ill coz I wasn't on enough HRT (patch) which she has upped. But, I did feel better within a few days when I started the 25mcg of levo. yes, I think 50mcg sounds a good plan. but she said I have to try being off it for 3 mnths before sending me to a specialist (endo) which I suggested!! I need to see one now I reckon.... x

  • I have 35 of those symptoms!!

  • Oh dear, I've never added them up! 47. :-(

  • and looking at the last page of info I have a high TSH, 2.3. although in my range for normal .... and my free T3 and T4 are low

  • if your TSH is high at 2.3 -my gp says mine is normal at 3,2 and fellow members say it is high.he refuse sto do a T3 or T4 cos says labs wont

    have had a husky voice for couple of weeks and persistent for last 4-5 days.

  • Anbuma, my gp said mine was in range and normal too. I pushed to get the free t3 and a T4 test done, they came back in range too but at the very bottom end. hence her saying I could try and very low dose of levo. now shes not convinced and taken me off them :-( I tried to get the T3 "Normal" tut!!

  • mine bluntly refuses to do T3 or T4 cos says labs wont do it as TSH "normal"?gp sasy he doesn't consider clinical symptoms just blood results.this has been an ongoing battle for nigh on 3 years to get diagnoses and still struggling

  • oh dear, its a nightmare. maybe you should see a diff GP?

  • I can usually gauge my TSH levels with the hoarseness of my voice.

  • wow! so its prob no coincidence ive come off my meds and now this has happened!! so worried she wont believe me...

  • You can tell her you are a member of Healthunlocked which is in connection with NHS Choices and you've had very helpful information from the Thyroiduk forum.

    It is made worse for us to be treated due to the Guidelines laid down by the British Thyroid Association and Royal College of Physicians that we shouldn't be treated until our TSH reaches 10. It is quite barbaric that they ignore symptoms and only take notice of the TSH which varies throughout the day. Next time you have a blood test get it as early as possible a.m. as that's when TSH is highest.

    If TSH highish, they diagnose us with anything other than the thyroid gland dysfunctioning.

  • 10!! omg, yes that's crazy. Well, I have seen her today, I told her I feel dreadful and that a lot of my symptoms have returned already! she said that I was on such a small dose of levo (25) that it wouldn't make much difference! and that my tsh was normal, blah blah. But, she finally agreed for me to see an Endo! so im very pleased about that. She is also doing a Thyroid antibody blood test next week?! im guessing GP's cant really prescribe and decide much if your borderline and hence her sending me to a specialist next.... My throat is really aching too today. and eyes are very puffy.

    When I said I felt low, she said maybe you are just going thru a low time?! no im not, im not like that.... oh well, have to see what the endo says now I guess. but feeling happier.

  • Oh yeah, then she was looking at the screen to see what she has tested and said, mm is there anything else could look at?! so I said I haven't had Vit D tested yet.. she said you can buy some over the counter they wont do any harm.... oh ok. lol.

  • If she's get stubborn about it can you see another dr?

  • I could do, but normally she is pretty good. think she is concerned about prescribing levo when I may not need it as shes just neen to an Endo lecture recently about the dangers of that, ie patients ending up in hospital. But, surely your heart rate and BP would go up anyway if you didn't need it?! not make you feel heaps better!

  • Hi I constantly lose my voice and I am hypo. Had a camera down my nose to check voice box and seems I have abrasisions from acid reflux whilst asleep! I'm not aware of this but my voice has been on and off since I was diagnosed. It started with a bad sore throat. Now there is no pain. I'm taking two types of meds for this and a nasal spray at night. I have to do this for 8 weeks. Week 2 and nothing has changed.... The only difference is one nasal passage is now unblocked but I still have this lump in my throat and cannot cough anything up.... I. New to all of this, but am sure all my medical probs now are thyroid linked. I'm on 50mcg a day still tired, cold very very forgetful and now also have to take vit D injections

  • its scary what the thyroid can affect! its odd because about ten years ago I lost my voice over-night and had a camera down my nose and throat and they said I had a collapsed vocal chord! they said it was very rare and didn't know why it had happened. I lost my voice for 3 months! it was a nightmare, at the time I thought it was stress as id split from a boyfriend. but, now maybe even bacj then it was thyroid-related... who knows... I certainly have a lot of hypo symptoms x

  • oh yeah and the same thing happened to my mum, she ended up having her thyroid out as have many of my aunts and cousins.

  • Have you told your GP about family connections with thyroid ? - am sure you have....

  • Yes she knows about my history. Now sending me to an endo

  • :-)

  • Hi lostmymind- my friend, who has lupus, has exactly this problem. She has been taking anti-reflux tablets and I think she has improved a bit. When I first speak to her she is very croaky but after a few sentences she is back to normal.

  • When it all started with me my voice was hoarse, talked like I had marbles in my mouth puffy face and all of the rest of the mess.

  • thanks, more confirmation!

  • Wishing you the best!

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