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Finger prick testing from Horizon advice please ☺️


I have received my blood kit from horizon but we tried to draw blood and my blood barely comes out - either it's too thick or whatever.

My daughter pricked hers and it poured out mine didn't even bleed at all 😕

If I go to my local hospital blood clinic with the form and ( I do have a nhs one for repeat bloods for vitamin D) will they agree to take a bit for the horizon tube?

Or will I have to pay the extra to go to a BMI hospital.

I was worrying is this normal? Should my fingers bleed more or could this highlight something isn't right ...I do get tingling in my hands and feet ( my right one is very swollen) ..I really need to get this done as I am feeling awful ..thank you ☺️

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Peaches71 The first time I tried my blood was very thick and clotting in the tube before it had even dripped down.

Most important, there's no point in doing this test and posting it off on a Friday. It will sit waiting to be delivered to the lab over the weekend and by the time they receive it the sample most likely wont be viable. They recommend posting Monday-Thursday only, and if posted on a Thursday it's best to use Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm.

If the test it is now spoiled, ring Blue Horizon and they will send a new one. If you want a venous one rather than a fingerprick one, they will send that. They are very good if you explain what's happened.

For fingerprick tests, it's best to be well hydrated, so drinking plenty of water the day before and also some before doing the test helps blood to flow.

Only you can find out if your local hospital will do a blood draw for you, all hospitals differ, you will have to ring and ask. Mine wont unless a GP requests it, even when you offer to pay. Some will do it for a fee, some will do it for free. Private hospitals may do it for a fee, and Blue Horizon have a home phlebotomy service where a nurse goes to your home, cost isd £49.


Thank you they are sending me another kit - they told me to do it this morning but I will do it mon/ tues ..I think I will try my luck with the hospital I have a GP form as well .. so could be cheeky it may work mine is a walk in centre take a ticket and in and out usually ....frustrating all this 😕 I drink loads so not sure why it didn't work on me - yet my adult daughters finger poured straight away lol


I found that soaking my hands in hot water for five minutes beforehand helps.

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Also (if you can) run up and down the stairs a couple of times or jog on the spot for a bit to get the heart pumping!

Make sure you apply the lancet in the right place. Don't prick right on the pad of the finger, the skin is thicker there. Try and aim for between the pad and the side of the finger nail and sort of "milk" your finger by applying pressure from the root of the finger to the tip.

Good luck! :)

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I do finger sticks 8-10x a day to test blood glucose. Drink water. Makes it more difficult if you're dehydrated. Wash your hands in hot water. I get blood the easiest from pinkies, but everyone must be different. Also, easier to get blood closest to fingertips.

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Thank you ☺️ I'm redoing these Monday - planning on flooding my body with water Sunday and Monday early morning ..was going for bloods last week but been in hospital for yet another chest infection (6th one in a year!) asthma not controlled and have tingling : swelling in both feet now with plantar fasciitis in both not settling down - one good thing I saw a NEW GP as mine wasn't available and asked him outright all these inflammation/ infections etc could this be thyroid related - his reply was YES most definitely ....he even said we need to test adrenals and pituary gland !!!!! I'm seeing him in two weeks (hoping to have my blood results in hand!) added with my other symptoms ...I'm struggling with feeling really cold now aswell ..x


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