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Help with finger prick test

Hi all

Tried to do my blue horizon finger prick test this morning but really struggled to get any blood out. Only filled half the bottle.

I used the elastic band, I was stood up, my hands were warm and I washed them in warm water first. I thought I was well hydrated but I will try more water next time.

Anything else I can do? The hole seemed to clot very quickly... I'm having the antiphospholipid test this week... Wondering if that has anything to do with it.

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I read an article that recommended taking blood from your ear lobe.

Apparently that area has a lot of blood.

I haven't tried it myself but would if I had to get enough blood for home


If you do try this method, would you let us know how you get on.



Hi. Just read your post after submitting the same post! I had same problem but am just going to post it. Hope you had better luck than me :-)


I struggled when i did my last test and only half filled the bottle. This was enough apparently, because I got all my results back just fine. :)


I called blue horizon and they said that they would send me another kit if there wasn't enough blood.


I soak my hands in warm water for a couple of minutes and then make sure you prick your finger towards the side,rather than the middle. I also leave the elastic band at the base of my finger until it goes red, and then roll it down to my knuckle. I've found it flows better from my ring finger too x


Turns out my pitiful sample was enough! Thanks for your help


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