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Hashimatos and Addisons

I'm new and I would like to ask helpful tips from people that have what I have.

I definitely have hashimatos and I'm on 300 grains of Nature Throid. I have had a saliva test done (24 hour). The rusults barely measured on the graph. .012,..059,.010.010- these results were taken at 8am, noon, 4pm, and midnight respectively.

I'm being sent for a blood test. This General practitioner thinks I have addisons and then wants me to go onto an endocrinologist. How much is too much steroids if they treat me with steroids? At the very least my adrenals are not functioning and fatigue does not even describe how I feel. Any advice would be appreciated. My family thinks I'm just lazy and that is wearing on me emotionally.


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I don't know anything about treatment for Addison's personally. But you might find this link interesting. It is a detailed description of every test routinely carried out in an endocrinology department in a group of London hospitals. Be aware that any units of measurement will be UK ones, and reference ranges will vary from lab to lab.


The link will give you info on preparation for testing, timing, and interpretation. Search the document for the word "Addison" and read up on the kind of tests you might be given. At least you will know what to expect and how to prepare, assuming that the kind of testing done in the UK would be found in other countries as well.

Good luck. :)

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Thanks. Yes I'm in the United States. I will check out the link.


Both Hashi's and Addison's are autoimmune. A gluten free diet helps. Please insist on hydrocortisone and not Prednisolone. A useful site is addisonsuk.org. Everything adrenal. My consultant recommended it to me.

I got the lazy label too... particularly from my hyperthyroid sister. I feel for you. 😘


Thanks. What makes it even worse is that my sister is an ob/gyn Doctor Honestly, this is what she emailed me.

“Truly you do not have these issues. It would be very rare. You are just tired like the rest of us and as we get older that’s just what happens. I am very very tired most days however I keep going.” I never emailed her back. In my letter to her I told her I had tests done and I guess she forgot to read that sentence.

Completely not caring that I was human let alone her sister.

It’s very frustrating.

I cannot tell you how bad I feel Health wise and emotionally. It would be great to have some support. I’m tired of begging for it. Most of the time I’m too sick to goto my doctors appointments. I just wish for treatment on Monday. Something has got to happen. I’m literally miserable and have been for a year or more. It has just gotten worse this week especially.


Well, it IS rare. On the list of rare diseases. With levels like yours I am surprised you are still breathing. Can you send her copies of your medical reports?

My sister told everyone that I didn't do enough caring time with my mother who had dementia despite going every weekend, about a 100 mile round trip. Wiped me out. It wasn't until my cousin intervened and let her know how bad I was that she backed off.

Let's hope you get treated quickly. You really do need some hydrocortisone. You will feel much better when you do. Let me know how it goes.

Daisy xx


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