Thyroid hit

My friend hugged me and her shoulder collided with my thyroid. It didnt feel like she hit it that hard but my thyroid has been hurting in a very annoying way and it feels like I have gunk in my throat I can't swallow. It's only been 24 hours. It feels like my thyroid felt before I took medicine or when I need to take a dose only worse. Could my thyroid function be messed up? Should this go away soon? Thanks.

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Blunt Trauma certainly could have affected your Thyroid .. and if it were me ... I would be making an appointment for bloods to be taken ... you've been very astute in noticing the result of the ... bump !

And it would be very wise if you follow through with bloods to see if you're correct ....and better for you if it's nipped in the Bud , so to speak.

Get a printed copy of results Post them on here , not forgetting the numbers in brackets )

to see what they look like ..

Good luck


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24 hours is quite a short period of time. I would give it a few days for the swelling to go down (that's probably why you feel like there's something you can't swallow. After that if it's still feeling wrong consult a doctor like madge1979 suggests.


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