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Weight loss

Hi... I'm 55 and diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease... hypothyroidism...this is such a roller coaster ride from hell. I stand 5'7" and keep losing weight, between the thyroid and the IBS that I have. As of this morning visit to doctor, I weigh an earth shattering 108.5 :'( Plus, I've lost over half my hair in the last 20 years. Having 3 heart attacks wasn't as much of a pain in the arse as this is.

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I ve had it for almost 20 years. Been there. People like us died back a few decades ago so we re lucky and if you re on top of the b12 levels and your hormones (with blood work 3-4 times a year) you can have a normal life. For me what has been consistent is that the constant drag can give you a depressive mind set and intense sports/activity have really helped me. That's why I can to this forum to find more about the relationship of sports (and whatever we release in our body like dopamine) and this disease. All the best and fight it hard.

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I wouldn't advise sport at this stage without knowing more about you. Excess exercise can deplete your FT3 levels and leave you with more problems. 3 heart attacks is a bit excessive. Has anyone said why this happened or offer any advice for the future? I know some doctors are convinced T3 is bad for the heart but how can that be if we need our T4 to convert to it and T3 at the right levels can help the heart. I know of one member of this group who was given T3 after open heart surgery to steady the heart and get it back on track.

IBS is often a term used when you have gut problems and they aren't sure why. Gut problems can be a thyroid symptom as well so something else to consider.

Have you any recent thyroid results you can post with their ranges as these differ from lab to lab? You seem to be u dear medicated and possibly not converting well as well. These may be give up better clues as to where the problem lies.

Also have a look at the Thyroid Uk site. They run this forum and are also recommended by NHS Choices for thyroid disfunction so your GP should have no problem with you referring to their advice. They have a list of over 300 symptoms so you may well have others not thought to be thyroid connected.

I can understand that doctors are may be frightened about more medication with your past history but you need the proper treatment for you.


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