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side effects

i dont think eltroxin is for me

last week when i went to hospital with the chest pain i blamed antibiotics

still feeling like death

fatigued, anxious, bloated, headache (could be from tooth infection) nausea, and the chest pains

ive looked on side effects and most of them are on the list, puse is anywhere between 50 and 85

i didnt feel great on the liquid but certainly didnt feel this bad

im seeing a dr this afternoon so will tell her but feel i will get told its all in my head as shes the one who told me she was hypo and was never ill on thyroxine

what other options are there?

i cant afford to buy NDT or T3

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Just seen your thread i hope you get some info from other members. Sorry i cant advise you. Dont let docs push you around , you are suffering not them. Good luck.x


thank you, the dr im seeing today is no good to discuss side effects with but i do have a nice dr i can call and beg for liquid again


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